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An Insider Look at Kent’s Panhellenic Council

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

Anyone who has gone through sorority recruitment knows how tiring and stressful the process can be. Imagine having to plan and run recruitment. Lots of time and effort is put into recruitment; it’s definitely no easy task. Freshmen Melissa North, a member of the Lambda Delta chapter of Chi Omega here at Kent State, is learning just how much it takes to run recruitment. Melissa, a nursing major, was chosen to be the Vice President of Recruitment and Retention for Kent’s Junior Panhellenic Council. Her Campus had an opportunity to talk to Melissa and find out about her involvement in Recruitment and Junior Panhel

Her Campus (HC): Tell us a little bit about your position as VP of Recruitment and Retention

Melissa North (MN): I’m a member of the Junior Panhellenic Council, which is basically a stepping stone to the actual Panhellenic Council. They teach us and mentor us to prepare us for a higher position later on. Specifically for me, I work with Anna Lood, the actual Vice President of Recruitment. I shadow her at all the events she is in charge of. So far, I’ve helped with SRC interviews, helped organize Greeks on the Green, and helped run sorority info nights. Basically I do whatever Anna does.

HC: Why did you want to work with Recruitment?

MN: I loved the recruitment process as I was going through it, so I’ve been interested in it since I got involved in Greek Life. I personally believe that a good Greek community comes from a good recruitment process. I wanted to play a part in building that good community, and help the girls find their homes!

HC: What would you like to change about, or add to, the recruitment process?

MN: The biggest problem with recruitment is always the number of girls going through. We barely have the space to hold everyone in the Student Center. I would look into finding a larger vicinity. Either that or adding extra days to the recruitment week so there will be fewer girls in the Student Center all at once.

HC: What is your favorite part about being on Junior Panhel?

MN: The community aspect of it. I get to work with girls from all the chapters, and also with the men of IFC (Inter Fraternity Council). Everyone is so friendly and easy to get along with!

HC: What do you hope to do with Panhel in the future?

MN: I would love to have the main Recruitment position. I love what I’ve done so far. I’d be happy with and position on Panhel, I just want to stay as involved as possible.

HC: What advice do you have for a PNM (potential new member)?

MN: Stay open to all your options and make sure to take everything in; there’s so much going on during the recruitment process that it gets overwhelming. Most importantly, don’t listen to the rumors or “reputations” of the chapters. They’re all unique in their own way and in the end you will find your perfect home.

Melissa and all the other women on the Panhellenic council work hard to make the recruitment process easy for the girls interested in Greek life. In addition to her involvement in Panhel, Melissa is a part of the Provost Leadership Academy, and is the assistant Songfest / Lipsync chair for Chi Omega. In her free time Melissa does photography work, plays golf, and loves to draw. She plans to graduate in four years with a nursing degree, then come back to get her Masters degree in nursing so she can be a licensed Nurse Practitioner. Keep up the good work Melissa!

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