I'm Single and I Still Love Valentine's Day

I’m sure you’ve heard it: “Valentine’s Day is just singles awareness day” or “Valentine’s Day is a dumb holiday created to make money.” Maybe you’re the person who says it. However, Valentine’s Day does not have to be so negative, and if you can’t love Valentine’s Day as a single person, how can you expect to love it when you have someone to share it with?

I’m not saying you have to like Valentine's Day at all, there are many justifiable reasons for disliking it whether you are in a relationship or not, but you don’t have to shame people who like it, and maybe you can learn to appreciate it. These are the ways I make Valentine’s Day a meaningful holiday.

I treat myself in whatever way makes me happy, not necessarily flowers or chocolate

This year I bought myself a new heart sweater to wear on Valentine’s Day. My advcie is to just do whatever you normally do to treat yourself. Maybe get your favorite starbucks drink, or go out to brunch at your favorite spot. For me, there is no better love to myself than knowing that on Valentine’s Day morning, I won’t have to stand in front of my closet wondering what I’m going to wear that day.

I embrace the cheesiness of the holiday

Trust me, Valentine’s Day is probably one of the cheesiest holidays to exist. I mean, it’s mascot is a baby in a diaper. Instead of rolling your eyes though, realize how much fun it is to let the cheeseball inside of you go wild. I decorate my dorm room like crazy, and dress in pinks, reds and purples the whole week. I even listen to Valentine’s Day playlists!

I take note of all the things I love in my life

If it helps, write this stuff down, or make a list and acknowledge the things you love about your life right now. I love that I am a part of Her Campus, I love my dogs, I love coffee. It can be as serious or as silly as you like, just find the things in your life you are grateful for, and love them as much as you can.

I make plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Whether this means going out with your friends, or making a fancy dinner and doing a face mask by yourself, have a plan for the night that will make you happy and feel loved. Not to mention it ensures you won’t have the chance to sulk at home.

I tell my family and friends how much they matter

I texted my best friend how much I loved her. We pretty much cried over the phone. That’s love. You may think you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you often, but in reality it’s never too much. Buy your family cards and treat them, because it will make you feel good too.

I don’t let the pressure of the holiday get to me

Whether you have a significant other or not, don’t let the expectations of a “perfect” Valentine’s Day overwhelm you. Valentine’s Day does not have to be a day with rose petal baths, fancy dinners and expensive chocolate hearts. It can be you in your pajamas with your best friends eating pizza and watching disney movies, because that’s what you guys love to do.

I recognize of all the people in my life who love me

Chances are you will be receiving texts, calls, cards and lots of love from the people in your life. This week makes me realize how fortunate I am to have all of these people who love me, and one those people who loves me, is myself.

Most importantly, I make it about love, not a significant other

In today’s society, we have so many different types of love and ways to love. Celebrate the fact that Valentine’s Day does not discriminate based on who you love or how you love them. In the end, love is just beautiful, no matter what.