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Girl Laying Down In Bed Back Cool Bra
Girl Laying Down In Bed Back Cool Bra
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I Wore a Bra For the First Time In a Year and I Have Thoughts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

I hate being uncomfortable. It is the worst feeling so if I do feel uncomfortable, I change my actions so I can feel my best. Around last year, bras started to feel really uncomfortable. Underwire seemed to dig into my ribs, and I always seemed to be fidgeting with it either because the tags were itchy, or when I sat with my back against a chair the hooks would dig into my back. Then one day I woke up started to get dressed and decided I’m not going to wear it. I’m going to let my boobs be free.



For me, it wasn’t that radical of choice. I only wear a B cup, so underwire wasn’t really needed for me and there wasn’t much movement going on. I remember that first day going braless, I felt so natural and happy. Why had I ever worn a bra? But then a cold breeze passed by causing my nipples to show, and I began to feel really self-conscious. What would people think? Would they judge me because they can see my nipples? Then, I had the sudden realization: Who cares? It’s my body, I’m in charge of it. If people have a weird personal problem against my nipples that is their problem, not mine. This last week, though, this nipple shame happened to me again. It was very hot outside, so I decided to wear a white tank top out and about. The problem was this tank top was a little see-through. At first, I was like, “No problem, I’ll pop some pasties on and be on my way,” but then you could see my pasties through my shirt. So, I broke down and put on a bra for the first time in a year. From literally the moment I put it on I was uncomfortable. I kept fidgeting with the straps digging into my skin, but I was like, “I have to wear this because you can clearly see my nipples in these, and people will think like I’m exposing myself if I wear this without a bra.” This then lead to me to the question of: Why are people so concerned with women’s nipples and boobs being free and happy in the breeze? What is their problem?


Ever since I started developing breasts, I had been told that nipple is bad. If they show, that is “unprofessional” or it has “sexual implications.” The thing is, though, that a breast and nipples are just natural parts of the human body. They can be used to give a baby food, or they can just hang out be cool, too. Breasts are part of every woman’s chest. They can be made sexual if the woman wants them to be. There have been whole Buzzfeed posts dedicated to calling out Jennifer Aniston about how in a good number of Friends scenes, you can see her nipples. Who cares? Did it distract from the show? Was it really that important of a detail to be called out? The thing is women’s nipples and boobs aren’t hurting anyone, and they aren’t luring men into having sex with women. All women have been taught this idea that boobs are sexual, but that is harmful thinking and causes us to just view our bodies as a tool for male pleasure. So ladies, we must re-learn what we have been told to think about breasts. First off, nipples aren’t bad they are like any other part of your body like your knees or your nose. Second, if you don’t wear a bra and your breast move around that is okay. That is your body and if it doesn’t hurt you, embrace the movement. Of course, most importantly listen to what you want. If bras bother you, take it off and never wear one again. If you love your bra because you feel supported by it, wear that thing girl and just rock it. It is your body, so you get to make the choices for it, so don’t let anyone else. 



Elaina Mendiola

Kent State '22

Elaina is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University. She enjoys watching movies, hanging out with her dogs, thrifting, listening to podcasts, and being with friends. As a Her Campus writer, she hopes to share her passions of fashion and feminism while making others laugh along the way. Her very favorite things are her dog Priscilla, Manrepeller, and the podcast True Crime Obsessed.
Junior at Kent State, with a mojor in journalism and a minor in fashion media. I like to write about fashion, lifestyle and Harry Styles.