I Watched OTH for the First Time...And Here are My Thoughts

After months and months of listening to my roommate talk about One Tree Hill, I finally decided to join the masses and watch the show on Netflix. 

I liked it. I swear, I totally bought into it and was hooked. However, watching it for the first time as a nineteen-year-old, I'm thinking that I probably questioned some things that more loyal and dedicated fans might have let slide. 


1. Nathan and Haley 

In later seasons, I totally loved Nathan and Haley. I enjoyed their relationship and thought they really held the show together. However, the whole marriage thing at sixteen really threw me. I was very confused why no one stood up and said "um...no" to this totally unrealistic plot. Never in a million years would this marriage last in the real world. Then, to make matter worse, Haley ran off on that tour and left Nathan seventeen and heartbroken. I just wasn't buying it. Save marriage until you're at least graduated from high school, kids!

2. The Near-Death Experiences 

It took me about three episodes to actually believe that Keith was dead. Why? Because almost every single character in the show comes fact-to-face with death and survives. Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Haley, Karen, Dan...who did I forget? By the time Peyton's pregnancy became a plot point, I wasn't even interested because I knew she would spend an episode in a hospital bed, fighting for her life, and then miraculously survive. 

3. Where does the money come from?

After season four, we see a major jump in time. While I enjoyed getting to see the characters in a new stage of life, I was thoroughly confused. Did any of them go to college? Did any of them graduate from college? Where does all their money and success come from? If there is a secret I am missing out on here, I would like to know! 

Now don't get me wrong, OTH was a show worth watching. I cried, I laughed and I dreamed about being with Nathan Scott. I just think the show had some major plot holes that needed to be addressed. But we all know...there is only one Tree Hill.