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How to Start Romanticizing your Life

This past year or so everyone has been telling me to start “romanticizing my life,” but if I’m being honest, I had no clue what that even meant. Did I have to be in a relationship to start romanticizing my life? Long story short, I quickly realized that that was not the case. If you are unsure of what this means, it means to start looking at your life as if you are the main character in a movie. In order to start romanticizing your life, I have compiled a short list of activities you can do that truly uplift your mood. And if I’ve learned anything about romanticizing your life it is that it is purely for your enjoyment!

Self-Care, Baby!

Since you are the main character in this movie, it’s time to start treating yourself like one. Self-care is so important because it allows you to decompress and simply just chill. Self-care can be in the form of doing a special face mask or simply lighting your favorite candle, it’s all about what makes you happy. Self-care can even be in the form of journaling. 

Personally, lighting my favorite candle and putting on my comfiest clothes while journaling is my definition of a self-care night! 

Don’t be afraid to be ALONE

I’ve always been afraid to be alone, but if college has taught me anything it’s that it is okay to be alone. Sometimes it’s best to be with your own thoughts. Take yourself out to lunch or go on a walk. You won’t regret it! Just put in some headphones and you’re good to go. Especially when going for a walk, having my headphones in and blasting my “main character” playlist leaves me feeling rejuvenated. You can find the playlist I listen to here: spotify  

Be Creative

If you have nothing to do, I highly recommend exposing yourself to any kind of art. That might be an art museum or an art class, but finding time to let your brain be creative can be exciting (and perfect for your own personal movie).  If you’re in the Cleveland area, the Cleveland Museum of Art is holding a small Van Gough Exhibit until early December! 

Appreciate the Little Things  

Whether it’s a sunny day or you get your favorite coffee, it is so important in life to appreciate the little things. Take in your surroundings and be grateful for what you have. Taking the most basic things for granted often leads to unfulfillment and can be a tricky road to go down. 

All in all, I hope you take the time to start romanticizing your life <3

Livi Harmat

Kent State '23

Livi is a junior studying Fashion Merchandsing at Kent State University. In her free time, Livi can be found taking photos, reading, and going to trendy (but yummy) restaurants