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How to Have Fun as an Adult on Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

Everyone misses the 2000s holiday nostalgia and as adults we are always trying to chase what we loved as kids. It can be difficult getting older and realizing that holidays do not feel as magical as they used to. 

For Halloween, adults can have just as much fun as the kids and sometimes even more. Halloween can be a great time to express your individuality and unique interests or talents. 

The best part of the holiday is dressing up! As an adult, there are plenty more options to dress up as and even get more creative with a DIY project. If you are interested in beauty and makeup, use this time to focus on your skills and bust out the face paint. Dressing up for a Halloween party with friends is even better. Pick a favorite movie and invite people to dress as their favorite character with themed snacks and drinks!

If dressing up isn’t your thing, maybe start with carving pumpkins and find funky designs to use. There are free stencil sheets all over the internet to print and use for pumpkins. However, if carving is not your style, consider painting pumpkins. This is just as cool and you can really use the pumpkin canvas to match your Halloween aesthetic. Gather with friends and have a contest between the pumpkins! You can even bake the seeds after for a yummy snack.

If you are a big horror fan, check out haunted houses and hayrides. These are always fun with a group of friends to enjoy a night of screaming and scary fun. There are also many places that have paranormal tours in real haunted places. So check it out and maybe you can make friends with the ghosts. 

One of my favorite Halloween activities is an outdoor movie marathon. There are plenty of inexpensive options on amazon for a small projector to display movies. Grab a white sheet and set it up outside. Then, get some chairs, blankets and hot apple cider and get really spooked while watching in nature.

In case you are more into daytime activities, check for local apple farms or pumpkin patches. There are many cider mills all over the map and they make fresh apple cider with the apples from their farms. These places can also have baked goods and pumpkin patches to pick your perfect pumpkin for a carving project.

Check to see if there are any local themed events, sometimes towns will host halloween parties or do public trick-or-treat. It is always a fun time handing out candy to the kids dressed up in different costumes. Also, nobody is ever too old to get candy let alone go trick or treating.

Although it can be difficult to get older, the magic of holidays never has to fade away. There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy as adults all while healing your inner child too. Dress up as your favorite character and have some spooky fun with your friends or the ghouls next door. 

Emily Adorno

Kent State '23

Hi! I am Emily, a senior journalism major at Kent State. I love thrifting, music, and fashion.