How to Genuinely Enjoy Halloween (& No I’m Not Talking about Drinking)

Ever want to have fun in the spooky season but aren't of-age to go out and drink, and also don't feel like going out? Me too. Halloween is my favorite holiday, but for so many other reasons than dressing up and partying. 

  1. 1. Best Halloween movies to watch (all you can stream on Amazon)

    Some of my favorite movies for the Halloween vide are: 

    The best new scary movies to watch: Get Out, Us and Brightburn.

    The best fun Halloween movies to watch: Halloween Town, Coraline, The Haunted Mansion and Monster House.

    The best classic Halloween movies: Nightmare on Elm Street, E.T., The Exorcist and Ghostbusters.

  2. 2. Project the Movies

    The best way to immerse yourself into watching a movie at home is to turn off all the lights, hang up a big white sheet or choose to find a blank wall and project your movie. Amazon has a couple of different versions of a mini projector (around $65) that would be perfect to immerse yourself in the Halloween feeling.

  3. 3. Cookie DIYs

    Get some easy to bake sugar cookies, colored frosting and go to town. Have contests with your friends trying to remake different Halloween-themed pictures on your cookies. Or, you could also make a mess and eat them all with your friends.

  4. 4. Candy Taste Testing

    It’s the season for candy, and even more so, it’s the season for candy brands to try out new flavors. Most brands will have a special Halloween edition, and a spooky night in with your friends is the perfect excuse to test them all out.

  5. 5. Search Haunted Locations in your Area

    Not only would it be fun to find paranormal haunted places near you, but it’d also be fun to go to a haunted house or corn maze. It’s hard to know all the fun & available Halloween things in and around your town if you don’t take the time to look it up. Nights in are fun, but so are wholesome nights out in this spooky season!