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On November 15th, 2019, California-born Hobo Johnson played a sold-out show in the packed House Of Blues in Cleveland Ohio. Even though it is the middle of November in freezing Ohio, fans didn’t fail to show up early and have the line wrapped around downtown, eager to see Hobo perform. 

With three opening acts, the night was full of diverse music; first up was rapper Nate Curry, following Cleveland native The Philharmonik and Mom Jeans set up the night for Hobo. Everyone in the crowd was very welcoming to the artists, and they all expressed their love for Cleveland and the audience during their sets.

Hobo couldn’t have entered in a more iconic way, as he started playing Taylor Swift’s hit “Love Story,” and proceeded to come on stage and transitioned to his own song, “Romeo & Juliet.” From the start of the night, he has a fun energy that radiated into the crowd and it lasted throughout the entire night. 

During the show, Hobo had messed up a couple of times, but the audience was very forgiving and ended up making jokes out of it which he appreciated. Singing every word back to him, the crowd was full of loyal fans who were going to have a great experience no matter what happened. 

With his sophomore album having been released recently, The Fall of Hobo Johnson, there was a good mix of new and old songs performed throughout the night. The group managed to throw in a couple of covers as well, as they sang “September” as their encore song. 

With Hobo’s energetic and silly energy, he made the night all the more enjoyable. If you have the chance to see him live, definitely check him and his group out. Don’t forget to listen to his new album as well, The Fall of Hobo Johnson

Danica Garcia

Kent State '20

Danica Garcia is a Fashion Merchandising major with a Fashion Media minor at Kent State University.
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