Her Story: Megan Raymond

Megan Raymond traveled thousands of miles to learn more about culture in the states and after one year, she’s found home in Ohio and Chi Omega.

The 21-year-old is originally from the small village of Westport, England where she studies chemistry at the University of Leicester.

Her excellent grades landed her a spot in an exchange program between Leicester and Kent State University.

Though she was nervous to visit a place that she had only seen in pictures, Raymond was excited by the opportunity for exploration in America.

In the fall, she embarked on one of her first adventures – sorority recruitment.

“I decided to go through recruitment because it sounded different – it sounded fun,” she said.

After getting to know the seven sororities on campus, Raymond chose Chi Omega.

“I love how everyone in Chi Omega was brought together by the same basic principles but can still be themselves.” 

Leicester does not have Greek organizations and Raymond said the closest thing to a sorority would be the Chemistry Society, which she is a part of.

She met most of her friends from back home in her classes and, being a junior at a small school, she knows almost everyone in her program.

When asked what her friends in England think about her joining in a sorority, Raymond laughed.

“They think I’m crazy. The only things they know about Greek life are from movies that are far from reality,” she said.

In Raymond’s opinion, being a sister of Chi Omega has been a rewarding experience full of friendship and fun.

“It’s made studying abroad a lot better – most of the things I’ve done have been through Chi Omega.”

She made some of her favorite memories volunteering at the Brite Winter Festival, helping out at Chi Omega’s philanthropies and attending various Greek events with her close friend, Sam Hilbish.

Hilbish, a freshman at Kent State, said that she and Raymond have both enjoyed being a part of Greek life together.

Sam and Megan having fun at a paint sisterhood

“Because of Chi Omega, Megan got to experience a sisterhood that she never thought she’d have in the U.S.,” Hilbish said.

In addition to actively participating in Kent State’s Greek life, Raymond has travelled the country.

Her favorite place is San Francisco, which she visited over Spring Break.

Raymond admitted that she expected to feel more homesick by now, but it’s hard to feel lonely with over 100 sisters close by.

She’ll be traveling back to England in a few weeks to finish school at Leicester, but this isn’t the end of her time in America.

“I’ll be back,” she said.