A Guide to Social-Distance Date Nights

Even though we’re living in a time of uncertainty, the comfort of a significant other can alleviate some of this stress. Not everybody has the privilege of being quarantined with their partner, but ~technology~ helps make dating from afar easier than ever. I’ve been in an LDR for over four years, and my boyfriend and I have picked up plenty of experience for keeping a relationship strong despite the distance. 

FaceTime and Zoom make it easy to enjoy the company of your S/O and make your date nights possible. So don't worry- we've gathered a few ideas for spending time with your partner in the age of social distancing. And since every couple puts their own spin on "date night," find what works for you. Keep reading if you want to know how to adapt to a virtual dating lifestyle and have some of your best dates yet.

  1. 1. Netflix Marathon

    netflix logo on flat screen tv

    Sit down with some popcorn and binge a new show- I’m looking at you, Tiger King. If you want, pick a movie theme to follow. Have a series of horror movie screenings or pick a few flicks by your favorite director.

  2. 2. Takeout

    pizza slice pulling from whole pizza

    While you can’t sit down in a restaurant, you can order takeout at the same time and sit down to eat together. If you want to switch it up, order food for one another and let your S/O be surprised at whatever ends up at their door. 

  3. 3. Game Together

    If you’re like me and my boyfriend, you love the experience of playing a new video game together. Try out a co-op game like Animal Crossing New Horizons to have virtual dates, or try out board/card games online.

  4. 4. Cook-Off

    a woman leans over a pan of food, taste-testing it

    Maybe I’m watching too much Bon Appetit, but I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned cook-off. Pick a recipe to try and use your roommates or family as judges. If you’re not competitive, you can always just cook together.

  5. 5. Meet For Drinks

    Red Wine Pour

    Imagine you’re at a bar together, but in your living room. Decide on a drink, whether it be red wine or your go-to beer, and hang out over video chat. You can even combine this and a Netflix date for some fun drinking games.  

  6. 6. Go On A Walk

    I am laying on Landis Green with pink shoes

    Even though we can’t go anywhere, it’s good for your physical and mental health to walk or hike once in a while. Soak up some Vitamin D and FaceTime your partner while you’re out. Bonus: If you can, bring your dog.

  7. 7. Work Out Together


    If you’re into fitness, pick a workout routine and Facetime your S/O. This will both keep you accountable and give you a few laughs. Find some creative and silly workouts here.

  8. 8. Breakfast or Brunch

    Msu Spoon_Universityfried_Egg_

    Enjoy the best meal of the day together by FaceTiming and scrambling some eggs. Accompany your breakfast with coffee- or a mimosa, depending on your quarantine style.

If you try out any of these date ideas, make sure to tag @hckentstate on IG and let us know how it goes!