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Goodbye Costal Grandma Summer, And Hello “Practical Magic” Fall!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

With the changing of seasons coming upon us, many ditch their cute summer crop tops for cozy fall “Gilmore Girls” sweaters. However, some are embracing the witchy side of the season by opting to take on a style that mirrors the likes of the cult classic 1998 movie “Practical Magic.”

For those unfamiliar with the movie, it follows sister witches Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Gillian Owens (Nicole Kidman). Since the girls’ family is cursed to never fall in love, Sally’s husband was killed when hit by a bus, and Gillian’s boyfriend becomes more and more violent towards her. When one night Gillian calls Sally to come and help her due to her boyfriend’s violence, Sally accidentally kills him. Now it is up to the sisters to cover up his murder as policeman Gary Hallet (Aidan Quinn) becomes more suspicious about the two sisters.

Similar to many other 2020 fashion trends, the interest in dressing like the Owens sisters was born from the whimsigoth trend on TikTok. The whimsigoth trend became popular on TikTok around early May and was a more whimsical take on 90s gothic fall fashion. It consists of flowy dresses or skirts, sheer clothing and jeweled tones. It also features a strong emphasis on astrological designs such as stars and constellations. A few of the inspirations for such looks are Phoebe from the early seasons of “Friends,” “Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and Gillian and Sally from “Practical Magic.”

Eventually, the style inspiration of both Gillian and Sally Owens as well as “Practical Magic” began to receive a following of its own on TikTok. The style mirrored similar to whimsigoth with a few expectations such as Sally’s style being more laid back and relaxed making her style far easier to be achieved by anyone. Sally’s outfits range from white crocheted tank tops to comfy oversized cardigans. There are hints of floral detailing with flowery patterns whether they’re on a dress or skirt. Meanwhile, Gillian’s style is more fun and fashion-forward with jeweled-tone mini dresses and sheer shirts. Similarly to Sally, Gillian does wear plenty of floral patterns; however, her color palette is a bit dark with an assortment of jeweled tones with hints of dusty pinks.

Since the aesthetic of the movie itself is reminiscent of the cottage core trend expected in a more fall-like manner, many have attempted to create a fall similar to that of the movie. Whether it be tending to a lovely garden to concocting a herbal mixture for skincare or potions. In some cases, people have had “Practical Magic” theme parties with earthy and floral decor as well as having attendees dressed in “Practical Magic” fashion.

There’s no clear definition as to how have a “Practical Magic” fall. However, a few key things you can do to make your fall mirror that of a “Practical Magic” would be to spend time in nature whether it be a simple walk or small get together with friends. The movie itself focuses on females and their relationships so feel free to spend time with your friends and to just have fun. Of course, doing all these things in either Sally or Gillian’s style only adds more fun to having a “Practical Magic” fall. Definitely feel free to have some fun in the witchy goodness of the season, too.

Adopting this style and aesthetic for the fall is not a bad idea. If you’re interested in divulging yourself more into the witchy goodness of “Practical Magic” a few other good movies to watch are “The Witches of Eastwick” and both “Hocus Pocus” movies. Also, some good TV shows to watch are “Charmed,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Have fun experimenting with a “Practical Magic” themed fall!

Adriana Gasiewski

Kent State '26

Adriana Gasiewski is sophomore Journalism major with a minors in Italian and English. Besides being the Philanthropy and Community Events Coordinator and on the editorial team for Her Campus, she is also a cultural and diversity beat reporter for KentWired. Some of her favorite things to do besides writing include reading, drawing and listening to music.