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Get the Look: Vampire Diaries

I’m currently having myself an Elena Gilbert moment and if you watch The Vampire Diaries, then you know what I’m talking about! My roommate and I have been rewatching the show and as I’m watching the season back for the fourth time now (yes, I’ve seen this show four times), I can’t help but look at the various fashions within the show. Each character’s fashion caters to their own personality, and you can notice that in their clothing. For this week’s article, I will diving in and analyzing the fashions of different characters from The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert

Starting off strong with one of the main characters of the show, Elena Gilbert. From the get-go, I would describe Elena’s style as innocent and young. Her go-to uniform comprises of a pair of dark wash bell-bottom jeans paired with a form-fitting long sleeve top. However, it is crucial that you see her camisole peak through underneath. Additionally, what would an ‘Elena Gilbert’ outfit be if it didn’t have a pair of black converse?

Overall, Elena’s style is very similar to her own personality. In the show, Elena is portrayed as this popular and empathetic person, but for some reason always seems be characterized as a damsel in distress. If you notice, throughout the show she is rarely seen wearing very bright and colorful colors because she is constantly upset or worrying about her friends and family. 

Bonnie Bennet

Bonnie Bennet. Extremely powerful witch/ best friend of Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes. She is a very loyal friend, but also has some spunk! Throughout the show, Bonnie has proved time and time again that she would do anything for the people she loves. She has been characterized as a martyr of sorts. She comes from a long line of witches in her family, and I believe in a way it is shown through her clothing. If I were to describe Bonnie’s fashion in one word it would be: vintage. Bon Bon’s tunics or blouses use very natural fabrics (such as lace) and colors. She also wears various vintage details such as old-looking necklaces or earrings.  

Caroline Forbes

Now, if you’re like me then you weren’t a fan of Caroline Forbes until later in the series. For the first 2-3 seasons of the show, Caroline Forbes was portrayed as this insecure and chatty girl who wanted everyone to like her. She was on student council and a part of the “Miss Mystic Falls Pageant”. Basically, if there was some sort of party/event, you’d expect Caroline to be there. 

I believe her fashion reflects her personality as well. For someone who can talk to just about anyone, she wears very colorful and girly outfits. She does not shy away from any sort of pattern or frill. However, I will say when her life takes a turn, her style does change. Both her style and personality transform into this confident individual who does not look or act like a teenager. 

Katherine Pierce

Last but certainly not least, we have the doppelgänger that started this all. Katherine Pierce, otherwise known as Katherine Petrova. Now, out of all the characters on The Vampire Diaries, I believe Katherine Pierce’s style resembles her personality the most accurately. Throughout the show you will see her wearing nothing but black clothing. Like her personality, Katherine is very selfish and never lets her feelings get in the way of surviving. For over 200+ years she had been running away trying to save herself from death.

And if you are currently watching The Vampire Diaries I wish you best of luck for the last episode (grab some tissues)!

Livi Harmat

Kent State '23

Livi is a junior studying Fashion Merchandsing at Kent State University. In her free time, Livi can be found taking photos, reading, and going to trendy (but yummy) restaurants
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