Five Chick Flicks to Avoid on a First Date

We all want our first date with someone to be perfect. Whether it’s going out to dinner or staying in for a movie, some girls, myself included, like to plan out everything so it goes just how we want.

Picture this: It’s your first official date with your new man and you’ve decided on a night in watching a movie and getting to know each other. He’s given you full control over selecting the movie and you’re freaking out a little bit. You want to pick the perfect chick flick: something that isn’t too girly and emotional, but still a well-written film.


Well, the best way to start is by narrowing down the list of possibilities. Start with movies to rule out. The following five chick flicks are absolute no-go’s for a first date.

1.  Friends with Benefits

Yes, a first date is when you two should get to know each other, but not in the way Mila and Justin do in Friends With Benefits. Usually, first date etiquette is to avoid anything associated with bedroom fun time, but that would be impossible with this movie. On top of that, it would be so weird to just cuddle through the countless, sex scenes. Tell me that's it’s not excruciatingly awkward. 

2.  A Walk to Remember

 This is the kind of sad movie that you watch while wearing sweatpants, eating ice cream, and cuddling with your dog. Unless that’s your idea of a successful first date, trust me and skip this tearjerker. 

3.  Titanic

It’s a classic, I know. But it’s also three and a half hours long. By the time Jack “never lets go” the date will be over. And furthermore, do you really want to sit in an awkward cuddle for 210 minutes? On a first date, you two aren’t comfortable enough with each other to get snug. By “snug” I mean situated in a well-rehearsed spooning position that works for you both. One needs to be cozy to sit through this movie. Save it for another time.

4.  Her

First dates are supposed to be light hearted and fun. This movie is really heavy on the heart and that’s not really first date material. Besides, Her features some long-term relationships coming to an end. Why would you want to think about that when the relationship between you two is just starting? Save this movie for when you two are ready to talk about deep, emotional things together. That comes after the relationship has matured.

5.  Blue Valentine

Though you can mentally gush about how hot Ryan Gosling is, I don’t think you’re going to want this flick for a first date. Like Her, it’s an emotionally demanding movie and it’d be really awkward if you (or he) started crying.

So there you have it. Hopefully this movie date is the first of many and the start to a long and healthy relationship. In which case, you’ll have all the time in the world to watch these five movies, and more, with a really awesome person.