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We all know what it is like after a long day, whether it be from a nagging shift at work, a day spent studying in the library or a fresh breakup causing some gloom. There is nothing quite like kicking up your feet at the end of the day, a pint of ice cream in your lap (or a glass of wine… or both!) and queuing up your favorite show to tune out your thoughts. For some, the Hallmark channel’s cheesy rom-coms suffice, but they can lack reality some of the time. Others like to scare away their mid-day worries with a horror film, while others cry it out to “The Notebook.”

Having a hard time finding a comfort show to hug you after a long day? Fear not! Hulu has a show that all people will love, with genuine storylines, characters and non-stop laughs. You will cry, belly laugh and become besties with these characters by the end of the seventh season. Elizabeth Meriwether’s “New Girl” combines the best elements of a sitcom together, formulating the perfect comfort show for anyone with a pulse.

Running seven seasons in total, Zooey Deschanel, our blue-eyed, bang-rocking queen, stars in the show. Alongside her, New Girl features Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone as a friend group in a Los Angeles loft, navigating the trials and tribulations of adulthood in your early 30s.

Although the characters have already been through college, with the show highlighting hilarious flashbacks to the character’s teen and dorm years, people of all ages can relate to the show’s plotlines and characters.

However, the best part of the entire show is the outright absurdity, yet realism of the characters themselves. They navigate through life — relationships, breakups, jobs, family affairs and drama, just as any real person would. It is this relatability that the characters possess that allows “New Girl” to comfort many for years to come. Now, let’s take a closer look at each main character and exactly why they make the show so great!

First, Jessica Day (Deschanel) is the show’s main star, when she enters loft 4D with Nicholas Miller (Johnson), Schmidt (Greenfield) and Winston Bishop (Morris) being her new roommates. Freshly navigating a breakup, the show follows Day’s quirky personality through her plethora of messy relationships, not to mention her and Miller’s perfect friends-to-lovers pipeline. However, it is Day’s quirkiness that is so relatable. She knows who she is, and she is proud of it. Throughout the entire show, even when she ends up with Miller in the end, Day reminds the audience that it is perfectly okay to be imperfect, as well as unapologetically yourself.

As for Day’s lover, Miller, he is the classic “dude-bro” we all love and know. He bartends, sleeps all day, maintains a filthy bedroom and is outright broke. Miller’s character revolves around his lack of self-attentiveness, only for him to completely soar by the end of the show as a world-renowned author. It is within Miller’s character that the viewer is reminded: it is okay to not know where you are at in life right now. Growing up takes a lot of time, sorrow, and a hell of a lot of bumps in the road. But hey, while you are figuring yourself out, Miller makes sure to still be a teddy bear to those he loves at the end of the day (hidden behind his stubbornness).

Schmidt, the marketing hot shot of loft 4D, denotes himself as the “ladies’ man” of the group. The viewer finds this hilarious, as the show is filmed in a way that allows the watcher to feel as though they are a part of the group. And any avid “New Girl” watcher knows: Schmidt is far from a ladies’ man. He is a hot-headed, in all honestly d-bag, who only has his heart for one girl, Cece. The show follows his character in his journey to make Cece his wife, all the while he acts as the glue holding the group together. Schmidt reminds the audience that in life you are supposed to have fun, work hard, and love even harder.

The character of Cece, Day’s best friend since childhood and Schmidt’s ultimate lover showcases the power of the dynamic of a female friendship. Women empowerment is at an all-time high in the media today and it is Cece’s exact character that reminds women to be a “girl’s girl.” She is a stunning model, but more importantly an incredible friend to Jess. You would not think these two ladies would be so perfect together, but it is Cece’s undying love for her friends and fierce, “mama bear” personality that leaves the viewer empowered by her actions.

Finally, America’s sweetheart, Winston Bishop. When first introduced to the show, Bishop was the notable alpha of the loft. However, as the seasons unravel, he is made out to be nothing but a big ol’ softie. Bishop is honestly the best friend every girl needs. He is not afraid to do face masks with the ladies, be the “mom” of the group or even have a soft spot for cats. The show takes a turn with his character entering the police force, but it is within this storyline that the audience is comforted through Bishop’s character that you can be anything you want to be, even if it doesn’t “fit” the boxes people assign to you.

Above all, “New Girl” highlights the wonderful spirit that friendship brings to life. The dynamic of the characters is so intoxicating to the point where the viewer feels as though they are right there hanging out with the crew. With that being said, on your next night in, queue up some “New Girl” and get the party started!

Rielly Fabrizio

Kent State '27

Rielly Fabrizio is a first year Her Campus member and a class of 2027 Kent State University Honors College student. Majoring in psychology, she has a passion for science, especially, but also media production and education. In her free time, Rielly likes to hang out with her friends, planning daytrips to the thrift store, record store, beach and antique towns. Along with this, she loves fashion, creating playlists and hanging out with her cats! Being an extrovert, Rielly loves making new friends, visiting the city and chatting up people with similar interests. Instagram- @riellyfabrizio