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zendaya and sydney sweeney in corset dresses at the emmys 2022
zendaya and sydney sweeney in corset dresses at the emmys 2022
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Fashion Rentals: The Best-Kept Celebrity Secret

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Celebrities like Sophia Bush, Leon Bridges and Nina Dobrev have something unexpectedly in common—You can wear their clothes. It is a refreshing change from the notion that high-end fashion is exclusively reserved for the affluent. On the other end of the spectrum, many celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra Jonas and even the Duchess of Cambridge often rent their outfits.

If you’re someone who loves staying on top of the latest fashion trends, but doesn’t want to commit to a long-term relationship with your clothes, renting could be the solution. In addition to providing a more sustainable approach to fashion, this trend also allows access to high-end designer pieces that might otherwise be out of reach.

Even if there are no celebrities you are interested in borrowing from, you can rent trending pieces from brands like Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Maison Margiela without emptying your wallet. Not only are you spending less money on your wardrobe this way, but you are bettering the environment in the age of fast fashion.

The beauty of fashion rentals lies in their accessibility. Prices can vary based on the brand, style and duration of the rental, but on average, you’ll find a wide range to suit different budgets. While high-end designer pieces may still cost a fraction of their retail price, more affordable options from popular brands make the concept inclusive. Some platforms even offer subscription services, allowing you to regularly refresh your wardrobe without a significant dent in your wallet. So, whether you’re eyeing that statement dress for a special occasion or want to experiment with your day-to-day style, there’s usually something for everyone at a reasonable price point.

Clothing rentals are the latest up-and-coming trend, and here is how it works.

Fashion rentals allow people to borrow clothes for a set time and require the piece to be returned when the period is finished. Some of the most popular fashion rental sites include Nuuly, Rent the Runway and Vince Unfold. In Nuuly’s case specifically, they offered a subscription model where you could rent six items per month for a fixed fee. The monthly subscription cost is around $88. It is recommended that you have the clothing a few days before your event. An added plus to renting is that it is the policy for most rental companies to wash or dry clean the pieces before and after use, making the receiving and returning of clothes as easy as possible.

It’s a win-win. You get to flaunt the latest styles without breaking the bank, and the fashion industry gets a nudge toward sustainability. Plus, it reduces the demand for mass production, lowering the environmental impact of fast fashion.

The rise of fashion rentals aligns with a growing consciousness about the environmental impact of fast fashion, encouraging consumers to think more consciously about their clothing choices. The production of clothing involves transportation, manufacturing processes and often long supply chains. Renting reduces the need for individual ownership, resulting in lower clothing production altogether. You can enjoy a variety of styles without paying a hefty price tag, all the while reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

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