Fall Layering Guide

      As we enter fall, the temperatures keep dropping. It can be hard to look put-together when the only thing you want to do is throw on a sweatshirt, but layering is easier than you might think! This step by step guide will help you layer like a pro this fall!


1. Tank Top

This wardrobe staple is the foundation of any great outfit. My favorite ones come from Express. They're super stretchy, and extra thick to keep you warm!


2. Button Down

Add some color and pattern to your look with a button down shirt!


3. Sweater

Keep this piece simpler. If you want to do a patterned button down, choose a sweater in a solid color. 



4. Jacket

Choose your favorite jacket or vest to go on top. If it's warm enough to wear a vest, try a fur vest, or a more classic version (like this one by J. Crew). If you go with a jacket, push the sleeves up and cuff the sleeves of your button down over top of the jacket sleeves. 


5. Scarf

Top it all off with your favorite chunky scarf!