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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been preparing for fall since the middle of July. With days finally starting to cool down and classes in full force, there is no better time than now to stock up on perfumes and candles to get you in the fall spirit. Whether you’re weaving your way through the seasonal aisle of Target with an apple cider in-hand, walking to class or spending your day at the apple orchard- this list has you covered.

When you think of fall fragrances, the first thing to come to mind is usually pumpkin spice. Although beloved and classic in its own right, I sought out fragrances that are suitable for daily wear and can even follow you through winter. Think of a grown-up version of pumpkin spice: scents with notes that are heavy on amber, cedar wood, burnt embers, tobacco, juniper berry, tonka and patchouli. These classy scents, an ode to nights spent by a crackling fire, will have you pulling up the sleeves of your sweater for another whiff.

‘Replica’ autumn vibes- $32

Described as being reminiscent of woody trails and red leaves, this perfume has light notes of red berries, cardamom, cedarwood and moss. Its warm notes are met with earthy and woody undertones- perfectly capturing a leaf-crunching walk across campus. Think fresh air, colorful leaves and a crisp fall day.

You can score a travel size for $32 at your local Sephora.

‘SNIF’ Sweet ash- $65

This creamy, melt into your skin scent is easy to get obsessed with. Notes like juniper, bergamot, tonka, vanilla bean, white moss and patchouli make for a warm scent that’s equivalent to wear your favorite sweater. The fact that the bottle looks amazing on your vanity and has a magnetic top is just an added bonus.

You can purchase the full size at on Snif’s website.


This budget friendly option smells anything but. The rich scent of amber luxuriously layers with your other daily perfumes but is perfect on its own. This is a long lasting skin scent that smells clean and fresh- its the ultimate layer of comforting scent for spending the night inside under your favorite blanket or throwing on before you head to class.

You can purchase the roll on at Ulta Beauty for $14.24.

‘BOY SMELLS’ CEdar stack candle- $36

For when you want your candle to be as luxurious as you are! This candle smells exactly like sitting by a bonfire under a plaid blanket during a crisp autumn night. Both modern and nostalgic, cedar stack boasts notes of sweet woods, resinous florals, dried tobacco chips, sawdust, cinnamon and peppercorn. For a candle that instantaneously transports you to camping in a pine forest, it’s worth the investment!

You can purchase the full size at Boy Smells’ website.


A Target exclusive that features deep notes of sweet tobacco, black cardamom, warm amber and vanilla bark. This scent reminds me of catching a whiff of your warm coffee and crunching leaves as you walk through campus at dawn- both sweet and mature, this candle is an instant year round favorite.

You can purchase this three-wick candle at Target for $15.99.

Whether you’re spending time in your apartment, dorm or going out, this list of fragrances is sure to make you fall for your fragrances all over again.

Alexis Kirby

Kent State '23

Alexis is a senior majoring in Applied Communication with a minor in Advertising at Kent State. She's passionate about all things beauty, lifestyle, and everyday luxury.