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Eight ways to combat your senioritis

We all will hit our senior year at some point in time and find ourselves not being able to get anything done. This also seems to be the point in time when we have to do a lot of things. Even though we don’t want to do anything, we have to figure out some way to get it all done. Here are eight ways to combat that dreaded senioritis. 

1. Work on your resume. This can be a great distraction from homework and you still get to feel like you’ve done something adult-like.

2. Find a cute little coffee shop to do homework. This way you wont accidentally fall asleep in your room.

3. Reward yourself. Every time you finish something that is supposedly important, go get some Chipotle; extra meat because you deserve it.

4. Inspire others. Show everyone around you how you’re doing such a good job at handling all the things you have to do.

5. Make a study playlist. If you listen to Kanye while you study you will definitely be just as successful.

6. Don’t forget to eat. Get one thing done, eat, get something else done and then repeat.

7. Enter everything into a planner. This way everything will be in one place and you can’t really say you didnt know about the extra credit seminar when really you just didn’t want to get up early.

8. Think about how you will no longer have homework when you graduate, which means you have to get yourself to actually graduate somehow!


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