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Eight realizations I had my first semester of college as told by Parks & Recreation

College is full of firsts, and sometimes it is hard to find words to explain it. That’s why Parks & Recreation is here for a little help with making sense of your first semester away at school. 

1. You’ll miss home. You’ll miss it a lot, people. Between sleeping in your own bed, bubble baths, your beloved cat (or dog) or your crazy family, you’ll miss it all once you’re away from it. Don’t be afraid to spend some weekends at home, it’ll happen and it helps.

2. As everybody already knows, Netflix is addicting. Binge-watching & forming crazy attatchments to television shows comes along with the subscription and we all know it’ll only get worse.

3. Money is scarce. If you’re like me, jobless and two hours away from your parents, having a surplus of money is rare. So, when you do have some money, treasure it.

4. Some assignments are absolutely ridiculous, impossible, annoying, etc., but just keep your eye on the prize, a diploma, and try not to totally hate your professor.

5. All-nighters will happen. Three essays deep & you’ll realize it’s the next morning. It happens to everyone at some point and really, it’s a rite-of-passage. This is why college students live off of coffee.

6. Every once in a while, it’s great to leave campus and “treat yo’ self.” Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant or buy yourself a new pair of shoes you’ve been thinking about for months. It’s for your mental health.

7. Real friends are hard to come by, so when you find them, keep them close. Friends will be your life-line during stressful times, homesickness & when you’re just super bored.

8. Occasionally, out of the blue, you’ll get an “A” on a test that you thought you failed. This is one of the greatest feelings you will experience in college, so embrace it.

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