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Eight Cities in Fourteen Days

I have always had a slight obsession with Europe. Something about the simplicity of life and the happiness citizens of European countries seems to radiate has always interested me. Growing up, my dream was to travel around Europe and see it all, and this summer, that dream began to come true!

Now I had been to Europe before, two times in fact. My first trip was when I was only in third grade, I traveled to Austria with my dance studio. The second trip was during my junior year of high school, where I was fortunate enough to fly to Paris with my French teacher, as well as one of my best friends for a week. Although these two trips abroad were incredible, I still wanted more. 

Cut to Christmas when my parents surprised my brother and me with an incredible two week trip to Europe! We would embark on a cruise, as well as travel by plane and train, to eight different cities around the continent. The trip was something out of a dream, and I could not be more excited to share. Following are some highlights from my trip!


The Food


While traveling throughout Italy, my family became obsessed with espresso. This little frozen treat from La Casa Del Caffé Tazza D’oro is made from frozen espresso layered with whipped heavy cream. It was the perfect pick me up during our hot afternoon of sightseeing in Rome!


When in France, escargot is a must. Although the thought of eating snails is less than appealing to most, I suggest giving these guys a try! They are typically cooked in garlic butter, just like the ones that I ate in Paris, and are absolutely delicious!


Before my trip, I dreamt about the pasta that I would eat in Italy that I anticipated would become my favorite meal from abroad. After our day spent in Cannes, however, that dream changed. This salad was hands down my favorite meal from my trip. It was a light arugula salad with a simple dressing and fresh octopus. I still think about this salad daily, waiting for the day when I can go back to eat it again!  

The Sights


Walking through the streets of Pompeii was an incredible experience. Rooms such as this, with art covering the walls, made the town feel real and alive, not just a museum.


One of my favorite parts of cities is the small side streets filled with so much character. I fell in love with this particular street in Rome with its charming pink walls and rows of Vespas.


If you know me, you would know I am obsessed with the sky. During this trip, I discovered that sunsets over the Mediterranean are like no other.


I was not expecting to like Palma de Mallorca, but after visiting this gorgeous beach with my family this corner of the world became a sweet, whimsical treasure.


Experiencing cities from a different view gives such a unique perspective. After climbing to the top of The Monument, I was floored by this aerial view of London.


The Outfits 


I whipped up this dress at the beginning of summer. It was the perfect piece to throw on to explore the exquisite streets of Naples.


These pants by Free People are a favorite piece of mine. They are super comfy as well as unique, perfect for a laid-back day in Cannes.


I thrifted this dress on a trip to New York last spring. It has quickly become the most loved dress in my wardrobe. What better piece to wear in my favorite city, Paris, but my favorite dress.


Each city in Europe has become embedded as a part of me, and I can’t wait to travel back to explore some more!

Paige Sammons

Kent State '22

Paige is a sophomore student at Kent State University studying fashion design and minoring in accessories. When not writing, you can find Paige baking, painting, or sewing. She loves the environment, catching up with friends at coffee shops and caring for her cactus, Clarence.
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