Duck You Autocorrect

The majority of cell phones nowadays are smart phones, but nothing makes texters feel more stupid than autocorrect fails.

For starters, those annoying corrections that change a word we want into something else.

“Too” corrected to “Top”“Us” to “Ya”“Haha” to “Gaga”“If” to “of”

Or, a personal favorite, “KK” to “lol” and “my” because why not make the little things in life as difficult as possible?

And there’s that awkward moment when you want to acknowledge someone you care about, but autocorrect thinks you mean Batman’s nemesis. 

And why can’t we use cool lingo without auto correct shutting us down?

Oh, and when you get a random hand spasm (probably from too much texting #irony) rather than helping you out, auto correct just makes it worse.

And can I get a whoop whoop for random caps lock?

Worst of all, autocorrect rarely lets us express our anger without trouble. 

At moments when autocorrect is actually needed, it’s nowhere to be found and we’re left with correcting ourselves.  

So autocorrect, all I have to say to you is: “Duck this shot I’m out.”