Don't Compare your College Experience to what you see on Instagram

Hey beautiful freshmen ladies, this one's for you!

How is it going? You’ve been at Kent for about a month now. You’re probably comfortable with your classes by now and finally figuring out when the Starbucks line is the shortest. (It’s 2:20 p.m. but let’s keep that between us).

College is difficult no matter what. Whether you loved college life from the second you stepped foot on-campus, or if you’re still struggling to find a solid group of friends, adjusting to a completely different lifestyle takes time.

Want to know what isn’t going to make your transition any easier? Social media!

I’m a guilty contributor to the world of social media. I post stories, favorite Tweets and spend days planning witty Instagram captions.

But if you’re sitting in your dorm, scrolling through Instagram and wondering why all your friends from high school are having a better time than you, it might be time to reconsider your habits.

It can be easy to compare your college experience to the experience your friends from high school are having. When you’re constantly seeing someone’s life through the lens of social media, it can begin to feel like you’re the only one not absolutely LOVING college.

Let’s break it down.

People love to use their social accounts to display how much fun they are having. That’s kind of the point. But if you’re bummed out that you and your roommate haven’t clicked yet, seeing one of your high school pals have a spa night with her roomie-turned-BFF might bring you down.

While you want your friends from back home to have successful and happy college experiences, it may be hard to see them having a blast if you’re still unsure you’re even at the right school.

So? It’s okay to take a break. Put your phone aside and focus on what you can do to better your experience.

How each account will impact you


You’ll read your pal’s breakdown of the hilarious weekend she had with her new friends. Meanwhile, you were in bed watching Netflix.


Scroll past that Tweet, you don’t need to compare your experiences. Everyone blooms at their own pace.


The girl you sat next to in Chemistry last year suddenly has a super hot boyfriend. How? You guys haven’t even been away from home for that long!


Remember college is full of hook-ups and break-ups. If you’re looking to connect with someone in a romantic way, don’t rush it! You never know who will end up in your classes next semester.


 From day one, Snapchat has been the queen of making you feel bad about yourself. Seeing pictures and video of your pals out having fun without you always sucks.


Forget what everyone else is doing and even unplug for a bit! Make your own plans for either some quality me-time or get out and find your own adventure.

The moral of the story is don’t believe everything you see! Just because someone looks like they are having a blast on their social doesn't mean they aren’t homesick. It’s okay to take a step back from the social media scene and focus on getting acquainted with your new life!