COIN: Paradise of Thought Tour Concert Review

On Friday, February 15th, indie-pop band COIN headed to Columbus, Ohio to perform a sold-out show at Newport Music Hall. This venue would soon be filled with 1,700 fans and concert goers, eager to see the band perform.

COIN’s fan base showed nothing less of amazing dedication, as some even camped outside the night before in efforts of getting the best spot at the show.

The show started at 8:00 p.m., as opening act Tessa Violet performed alongside her band. The crowd sang along to her hit “Crush,” as well as Violet surprising the audience with a cover of a Twenty One Pilots song, “Polarize.”

COIN started their set with amazing energy with their song “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” which lit up the crowds liveliness.

The band, consisting of singer Chase Lawrence, drummer Ryan Winnen, and guitarist Joe Memmel, proceeded to perform a couple of their new songs, such as “Simple Romance” and “Cemetery.” The crowd screamed the words back to Lawrence with confidence, even only after the singles had been released not too long ago.

COIN also dedicated time from their show to perform older hits, like “Run” and “Talk Too Much,” that had brought nostalgia to the crowd.

The group stripped down for a minute, as Lawrence sang the acoustic version of “I Would.” The audience was able to hear his amazing vocals as he sang while just playing the keyboard and Memmel softly played his guitar.

They later performed their song “Malibu 1992.” The song makes an homage to Ohio with the lyrics “Your parents’ house in Ohio,” so when that part came up in the performance everyone belted out the words. It was a moment that neither the band or the crowd will forget.

Finishing off the night with their song “Fingers Crossed,” COIN ended with a vibrant energy that translated to the crowd. There was not a dull moment during their set; it seems as if the group keeps setting the bar higher with every show.

Selling out the rest of the tour, COIN will be playing six more shows across the country that will go through the first week of March. Now is the perfect time to check out the band, as their new album is expected this spring.