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Clothes You Need in Your Wardrobe ASAP

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

Every woman needs a few things in their closet to have a masterful wardrobe that allows them to embrace every situation in confidence. When you aren’t sure what to wear, these few pieces come in handy to ensure you look put together every time you leave the house or stay in. Below are some of my all-time favorite fashion products I rave about to anyone who listens. They range from inexpensive to slightly more expensive but are all things I have in my closet and reach for daily or weekly. 

Target Favorites

First up, a basic t-shirt. Generally speaking, I tend to lean towards a cropped piece, as basics are usually layering pieces in my closet. The best-cropped t-shirts I’ve found are the Target Wild Fable short sleeves. They come in various colors and are also available in v-necks or crew necks. These tops are only $5, and you can’t beat them for their quality and durability. They’re super comfortable, fit well and don’t fall apart after you wash them twice. It’s important to mention the cons with every pro, and the only one here is that the white ones need replacing more than my black ones because they can get discoloration. 

Another essential that I love from Target is their long sleeve oversized button-ups. These can be worn in a wide variety of ways. They can be buttoned fully and worn with dress pants, unbuttoned and layered over other tops, tied, open over swimsuits or French tucked into jeans or other bottoms of your choosing. I have three from Target and a wide variety of patterned ones from other brands. The Target ones are $25, which is an excellent price for a piece that can be worn in so many ways. The button-ups don’t have many cons, in my opinion; they wash great and stay super comfortable over time.

My last target essential is their high-rise, wide-leg fluid pants. These are $32 a pair, come in a super wide range of sizes and are offered in fun colors like hot pink. I have a couple of black ones and have worn them for many different occasions. I wear them to work, out with friends, dressed down with sneakers, or even heels for bad-ass CEO confidence. I often wear them with the Wild Fable short sleeve for a perfect outfit base. The waistband is elastic in the back, making these pants super comfortable while looking super classy. the only downside to the pants is limited colors; they start to pill slightly in the thighs and are definitely not made for short people. 

Next Up: Aritzia

The next set of essentials in my closet that should be in yours is slightly more expensive but 100% worth every penny. They’re all from Aritzia, which has a somewhat scary price tag for a college student, but if you’re looking for basics that will last you forever and then some, as well as fit incredibly and have a wide range of colors, these are perfect.

The first thing I can’t recommend enough is their contour bodysuits. I know some people don’t love bodysuits, which is fine because they offer a more limited selection of the contour line in non-bodysuit options. Personally, bodysuits are one of my most crucial closet essentials. They work with everything, feel snug enough to keep you together but not strangle you, look smooth as butter and allow you to go bra-less (a HUGE plus all on its own). The bodysuits are offered in many styles, from essential tanks to one should long-sleeve. I have around six or seven of these bodysuits in various colors and styles and can confidently say they are a must-have. When I studied abroad, they were my essential go-to pieces for looking put together but still comfortable; they packed up super small, which is critical when traveling. My only warning here is that, due to the material, they can get a little bit of pilling or get caught on rings, but I’ve continued to purchase them and think they are well worth it.  The cons haven’t outweighed the pros for me and haven’t led me to get rid of any.

The following essential is a long-sleeve ribbed crop top. These are other basics, like the Wild Fable ones, that I love for layering and styling with various items. These Aritzia ones specifically are thin but still provide warmth and come in multiple colors, which is always a plus. I have no woes with this top, other than it’s hard to find in stores, but it’s usually stocked online! The same style is also offered in a longer torso if you don’t like wearing crop tops.

My last essential recommendation is the Wilfred Free v-neck sweater. This sweater is a cloud of softness, super flattering and goes with just about everything. I’ve worn it for many occasions and layered it for added warmth. I sized up for a more oversized fit, but the true-to-size is a perfect silhouette. This piece is newer to my wardrobe, but so far, I haven’t experienced any issues with it when it comes to washing or taking care of it. 

An article by Everyday Style says it best, “they [basics] give you endless outfit combinations and pair well with the unique stand-out pieces that give your wardrobe a lot of style. When it comes down to it, basics are the secret to any mix-and-match cohesive, easy wardrobe.”

Mary Taylor

Kent State '23

Hi! My name is Mary :) I'm a part of the Kent State University Her Campus chapter. I love fashion, politics/social justice, family and friends. I'm a huge reader and am always down to talk about new series. Spending the day at an art museum, book store, with people I care about, or just relaxing at home is my ideal way to relax. I also am a huge advocate for mental health-related resources.