Campus Cutie: Tatum Sheets

Campus Cutie: Tatum Sheets

Tatum Sheets is a freshman. She’s a Speech Pathology and Audiology major from Cortland, Ohio.

Her Campus: Are you involved with any on campus organizations or clubs?

Tatum Sheets: Yes! Delta Zeta, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, Operation Smile, Freshman Advisory Council, and Council for Exceptional Children.

HC: Why did you decide to major in Speech Pathology and Audiology?

TS: I have always wanted to help people, specifically children. I shadowed a speech pathologist at a children's rehab facility and loved how they were able to impact a child's life. I knew at that moment, that I wanted to do that with the rest of my life.

HC: What are your goals for the rest of the semester?

TS: To finish (she says with a laugh), but I would like to do well academically and I am looking forward to becoming an active member in Delta Zeta.

HC: How do you like Delta Zeta so far?

TS: I really like Delta Zeta!  It's been great getting to know all of my new sisters and finding my place within the sorority. I've enjoyed going to philanthropy events and hanging at sisterhoods. I can't wait to see what the future holds after I'm initiated.

HC: Why did you decide to go Greek?        

TS: I thought it would be a great way to get involved on campus and make lifelong friends. I also liked how big Greek life was on campus and knowing that I would be joining a community within the university.

HC: What are goals for next semester?

TS: To continue to keep up my grades, possibly declare a minor and continue to be involved in activities.

HC: What is an interesting fact that no one knows about you?

TS: I'm left handed and I have freckles in my eyes. Bonus fact: I love flamingos!

HC: What's your favorite fall fashion?

TS: Scarves and boots! 

HC: L.L Bean or Hunter Boots?

TS: Hunter Boots.

HC: Do you have a special tradition for Thanksgiving?

TS: My whole entire family just gets together for dinner at my aunt and uncle’s farm.

HC: What kinds of animals are on the farm?

TS: Just horses. It's a complicated situation. My uncle only does agriculture farming for his land and other land that our family owns. The horses are my aunt’s pets.

HC: What's your favorite Turkey Day food?

TS: My grandma's scalloped corn.

HC: What does your Black Friday look like?

TS: Stay home and stay safe! The only Black Friday shopping my family does is buying our Christmas tree, we usually just online shop.  

HC: What are you asking Santa for this year?

TS: Tons of clothes, winter boots for campus and good times with my family over winter break.

HC: Favorite Christmas movie?

TS: Elf.

HC: When should Christmas music start?

TS: The day after Thanksgiving.

HC: Do you have a news resolution?

TS: Not exactly sure yet. Mostly my whole freshman year I've just been trying to do new things.

HC: What's your favorite new emoji?

TS: The heart exclamation mark.

HC: Lastly, single, taken or it’s complicated?

TS: Single and ready to mingle.  

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