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Campus Cutie: Ally Spitz

Major: Zoology

Year: junior

Hometown: Hudson, OH

Dream job: Becoming a large animal veterinarian at the San Diego Zoo.

Celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth

Spirit animal: Lioness

Relationship status: Taken, not taken, who even knows?

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Avocados

Superpower of choice: Mind reading so I could know that question before you asked it!

Favorite movie character: Magic Mike

Favorite thing about Kent State: Great gluten-free food options, especially tacos!

What would you wish for if  a genie offered you three wishes: 1) Have the Magic Mike cast as my roommates (minus the one with the mustache); 2) Have a cure to all illness, including mental and physical illnesses; 3) Nab the front cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition—unedited.

Magazine Journalism major and Visual Journalism minor at Kent State University! Natural foods enthusiast. Yogi. Runner. Photographer.
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