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Campus Celeb: Kevin Otubu ’16

This week, Her Campus wants you to meet Kevin Otubu, Junior here at Kent State and one of this week’s Campus Celebrities. Many of you may recognize his face from his campaign posters last semester while he was running for Undergraduate Student Government’s Programming Director. Otubu is currently working as the programming director for USG and has started the semester off with a bang bringing Timeflies and Heydaze to Kent on September 18th. Otubu has also lined up a performance from Chance the Rapper in October. Although, extremely busy with ticket sales and other behind the scenes work for the upcoming show, Otubu took time out of his day to let us get to know him better. 

Otubu is an entrepreneurship major with a minor in computer science. He’s an out of state student, who came to Kent from Schaumburg, Illinois with his twin brother. 
Her Campus: What is your favorite part about being a twin? 
Kevin Otubu: Meeting people and messing around with them and thinking I am another person. 
Her Campus: What is the most difficult part about being a twin? 
Otubu: People never know which one I am. 
Her Campus: If you could be an animal, which would you be and why? 
Otubu: No question, the cheetah. Cheetah is the best thing to get away from anything and they’re strong. So, why not be both, fast and strong? 
Otubu must channel his inner Cheetah in order to get from day to day with his busy schedule. In between his duties for USG, Otubu is also a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, serves as a mentor for the Business learning community, is an advisor on the board for the Learning community and also finds time to for Order of Omega and the Entrepreneurial Club. 
Her Campus: Tell me a little bit about what it’s like being programming for USG? 
Otubu: It’s one of the most fun positions you can have on USG because you have a better chance to be more engaged with students. Some positions are more behind the scenes, but I get to talk to the students, see what they want, meet new people and try to make them happy.
Her Campus: What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you coming into this position? 
Otubu: Not being as biased because there’s some music that I like, but with this position I have to be open to everything. That means bringing in shows that I might not be interested in, but if it’s something the students want, I have to do that – keeping an open mind. 
The fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, that Otubu is a member of, was founded on the high ideals of always being a true gentleman. I asked Otubu what being a true gentleman meant to him. Otubu replied “Someone who says thank you, I’m sorry, genuinely does nice things without expecting anything in return and tries their best to make somebody’s day.” Great answer, we need more of these. 
I also asked Otubu for a hint about who might be coming to perform during the spring sem
ester, but his lips were locked. However, he did mention that he is open to opinions and want students to feel free to contact him with any suggestions. We are excited for the Timeflies performance this week and even more excited to see what Otubu does with his programming position this year. 


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