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This is the first full season I’ve ever watched of the Bachelor, and now I remember why. The past four weeks have been filled with so much drama I feel like the producers get a raise for whoever can think of the best way to stir the pot. Anyways, here’s a breakdown of everyone left after week four!

Hannah Ann

-Model from Knoxville, Tennessee

-“Champagne Stealer”- it was a “fanasco”

-Received the First Impression Rose

-Seems to be one of the front runners


-Attorney from Chicago, Illinois

-“Ran into” Peter in LA before the show began filming

-Stays out of drama (for the most part)


-Professional clothier from Des Moines, Iowa

-Cries a lot over champagne 

-Had a 1 on 1 with Peter in Cleveland

-Hannah Ann’s nemesis


-Foster parent recruiter from Auburn, Alabama



-Has stayed out of drama 

-Had a 1 on 1 the first week and met Peter’s parents



-Miss Texas 2019 from San Antonio, Texas

-Gets sent home week 3 after being “fake” and “pretending for the cameras”

-Peter regrets this decision (we will never know why)

-Comes back week 4 and stirs up more drama

-Everyone’s enemy 

Victoria P.

-Nurse from Alexandria, Louisiana

-Shared a heartbreaking story about her difficult childhood

-Was a pageant queen

-Knew Alayah before the show (big no-no)

-Had a 1 on 1 with Peter

Victoria F.

-Medical sales rep from Virginia Beach, Virginia

-Had a 1 on 1 with Peter at Cedar Point and a private concert

-Dated Chase Rice (?!?!)


-House flipper from Syracuse, New York

-Called Kelley out for cheating in a competition

-Strong mentally and physically, but doesn’t want Peter to think of her “as a bro”


-Retail marketing manager from Birmingham, Alabama

-Told Peter Alayah was fake in front of her

-Got the group date rose “for being honest” in week 3


-Event planner from New York, New York

-Isn’t here for the drama or BS

-Tells it how it is, baby


-Administrative assistant from Las Vegas, Nevada

– Unofficial group date MVP week 4

-Aggressive at football, but not during a cocktail party


-Realtor from Houston, Texas

-I’ll be honest, I literally don’t know who this girl is, and I won’t act like I do


-Fashion blogger from Langley, British Columbia, Canada

-Cries when she does or does not get a date with Peter

-Always ends up getting a rose somewhere near the end

-Got the final rose week 3, sending Alayah home



-Home care coordinator from Plano, Texas

-Has “never felt more unrecognized”

-Called Peter out for his BS before the rose ceremony week 4

-Has stayed out of drama


-Nanny from Kennesaw, Georgia

-Thinks lingerie is pronounced “linger-y”

-Has stayed quite after coming out of a suitcase week 1



-Marketing coordinator from New York, New York

-Super cute and stays out of drama

-Pulled up to the mansion in a red convertible

Week five will have two full episodes on Monday and Wednesday, meaning five hours in total of Bachelor drama. Surely, I have better ways to spend my time being a full-time college student but once I start something, I finish it. Catch me on my couch, eating ice cream and watching David Spades Instagram stories during the episodes for a good laugh. (Seriously, his Bachelor commentaries are the best).


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