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Borrowed from the Boys: 5 Items to Buy from the Men’s Section

Tired of the same old winter style formula? Mix things up a bit with some androgynous pieces from the men’s section. You can wear them and still look feminine, I promise!

Sweaters: Men’s sweaters are some of the most versatile pieces from the men’s section! One of my favorite travel sweaters is from the men’s section. Keep things feminine with a statement necklace.

T-Shirts: I feel like I’m on a never-ending hunt for the perfect t-shirt. While I love fitted clothing, I prefer my t-shirts on the baggy side. Men’s t-shirts have the perfect boxy shape I’m looking for. Layer on a few delicate necklaces, throw on a pair of jeans and you have an effortless outfit!

Outerwear: Many men’s and women’s jackets are surprisingly similar. Is your favorite army green anorak sold out? You’ll have better luck finding it in the men’s section.

Scarves: You won’t find anything fuzzy or pink, but the men’s section has a great selection of cozy scarves!

Cozy Socks: Things are starting to heat up, but remember this tip in case Ohio decides winter isn’t over yet. Men’s thick wool socks will keep your feet warm out in the frozen tundra (You might only need one pair!).

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