The Best True Crime Podcast You Need to Listen to

Podcasts have recently taken the ground running, and recently with true crime becoming more and more popular, you don’t want to miss out on these.

My Favorite Murder

Not only are the hosts, Karen Kilgarff and Georgia Hardstark comedian queens, but they also emphasize the importance of mental health and the very common problem of toxic masculinity. Each week these two crimes obsessed gals, take turns telling each other stories about murders. Some murders have happened recently, and some date all the way back to the 1700s. They both recognize that usually murder and comedy don’t go together, but they somehow make it the dreamiest pair in the podcast world. Listen to this if you’re in need of comic relief.

In the Dark

The Jacob Wetterling case took Minnesota by surprise in 1989. Host, Madeleine Baran and APM Reports come together to uncover why it took so long to find out what happened to Jacob and to accuse his murderer. Every episode is a different part of the story that was ignored by law enforcement. This is a binge-worthy podcast.


The Teacher’s Pet

Hosted by Australian journalist, Hedley Thomas, this podcast uncovers the investigation into the disappearance of Lynette Johnson, who disappeared without a trace in 1982. She was the wife of teacher and star rugby player, Chris Dawson, who becomes top suspect, as well his high school student girlfriend Joanne. 



Phoebe Judge takes it upon herself to reveal the eeriest unknown stories. Ghosts, murders, people jumping out of planes for money and everything else that is weird with the world. Remember the Haunted Mansion at Disney World? She looks into the true story of that house. What about doctor’s experiences that have gone wrong? Don’t worry she covers that, too. If you’re feeling ready to be kept on your toes, this is the podcast for you.

Up and Vanished

With two seasons comes two very intense, interesting stories. Each season uncovers two different stories of people who have disappeared without a trace. First season host Payne Lindsey dives deep into Tara Grinstead’s case that has remained UNSOLVED for 13 years. Listen to this podcast if you’re ready for some mind-blowing cases.

Just some advisory: don’t listen to these podcasts before sleeping, or being home alone but listen to these if you’re into becoming a true crime expert yourself.