The Best Looks from The 2018 Grammys

This year I was able to watch the Grammy's red carpet event live on "E! News." I was in awe at what some of the celebrities were wearing (not to mention this is my favorite part of any award show since I'm a fashion merchandising major). I decided I would take some time to find my favorite looks from this year's red carpet, and show you them for your viewing pleasure. I know you'll love them as much as I do.

10. Lana Del Rey

This look starts of my top 10 list because of how whimsical it is. On anyone else I would question the choice, but because this is Lana Del Rey and her image is very dreamy I think it makes perfect sense, and the star halo definitely completes this look. An important to note is that this look was inspired by one that Hedy Lamarr wore in a film.

9. Hailee Steinfeld

I swear, this girl NEVER looks bad. What really sets her outfit apart for me is the shoes and her makeup. The combination of the purple knee high boots and the turquoise eyeshadow would be crazy off the red carpet, but it really works here. I think the simplicity of the dress and the lack of jewelry makes her shoes and eyes the showstoppers.

8. Zayn Malik

This is by far one of the best suits I saw on the red carpet this year. What makes this stand out to me are his socks and the cartoon rose worn on his lapel. The socks are patterned which adds more colors to his overall look, while still looking cohesive. The cartoon rose was something I hadn't seen anyone else do that night and I liked the originality of it.

7. Justin Tranter

This outfit has a lot of different aspects I like. First of all, he's wearing heeled booties, which I'm in love with because I wish I had a pair. I also enjoy the serious layering happening here. It's all black, but it works because the pieces are so interesting to look at. I'm all for more men wearing wide legged trousers as well. 

6. Janelle Monae

Again, I love these wide legged trousers. This is tailored to perfection and it has an older tuxedo feel to it, but it becomes lively with the embroidery. I can't get over how beautifully done it is. The rings on her fingers, the hair piece and the green eyeshadow under her eyes tied everything together.   

5. Cardi B

This dress is number five for me because when I saw it from the back, I gasped. It looks like she has butterfly or angel wings. The construction of this dress is stunning and it was one of the more interesting dresses I've seen. Cardi B's hair and makeup compliments the dress perfectly. 

4. Big Sean 

Big Sean was the best dressed out of all the men that night for me. The turtleneck under a suit works for me because of the necklaces. His long coat looks like it could be velvet, and it photographed beautifully on the red carpet. His shoes were ones I hadn't seen before; they were untraditional to men's dress shoes because they had thick soles with pointed spikes.

3. Anna Kendrick

First of all, her feet must of been killing her. Fashion is pain I guess? There were a lot of great suits this year, but this might be my favorite. What makes this so special is that the suit's plaid pattern looks vaguely masculine while the lace bodice and pink stilettos are feminine. It's a perfect balance and she rocked it. 

2. SZA

This dress could of easily swallowed SZA, but it fit her perfectly. This is number two because of all the detail that was put into it. I appreciate a dress like this because it clearly wasn't easy to make. She glided down the carpet in this and captured everyones attention. From head to toe, she was by far one of the best looking people at this year's Grammys. There's not a bad picture of her in this dress.

1. Lady Gaga

I went back and forth on who I thought was number one, but Lady Gaga had everything going for her. This was a stand out look for me. It stayed true to who she is because of how dramatic it was. Her makeup matched the style of clothes and her hair was in an intricate fishtail braid on either side with a black string used to lace it up. The jumpsuit would have been beautiful on it's own, but the long train added with the high leg slit guaranteed all eyes would be on her.

That concludes my list of the top 10 red carpet looks from this year's Grammys. I hope you were as blown away as me by these looks!