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Best Food On Campus

Traditionally, on campus dining is seen as drab. Or it’s the same options but a different day. For most universities, this view is accurate. Fortunately, here at Kent State, we have some pretty good options that you can look forward to. 

Footlong Italian BMT from Subway

One of the obvious better choices is the star of The Hub, Subway. Sophomore Anneliese stated, “Subway is definitely my favorite place to eat on campus. The Italian BMT is my go to sandwich”. Sophomore Alex said, “The Hub is one of my favorite places to eat on campus because of the variety. Subway is probably the best option there”. Subway is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and with tons of menu items, you pretty much can’t go wrong. 

Traditional Wings from Quaker

Located in the lower level of the student center, Quaker Steak and Lube is always good for dinner. This is another location with an enormous amount of options. From wings to salads to burgers and even shrimp tacos, Quaker has something for even the pickiest eaters. Freshman Kanen and Scott both agreed, “Quaker’s wings are my favorite food on campus.” There are countless sauce options and you can get your wings traditional, boneless or grilled. Quaker is also famous for their karaoke nights every Friday. Get a group together and enjoy some good food and “quality” entertainment to kick off your weekend. 

Potato Crusted Catfish and Couscous

One of the lesser known dining locations, Kent Market I, serves fresh and tasty comfort foods daily. Sophomore Dylan raved, “I love their chicken quesadillas.” You can stop in for yummy soups that change daily, wraps, salads, and even classics like roasted chicken and mac & cheese. “I love the salmon from Kent Market I,” enthused sophomore Kiairah.  One of the best things about Kent Market I is that there is hardly ever a line and you receive your food quickly. Stop by in between classes for a tasty meal. 

Located on the second floor of the student center, Kent Market II has also really taken off in the past year. After expanding their hours into dinner and opening a Nutella bar, a lot more students are aware of this dining location. The Market offers a pasta bar, salad bar (which converts into the Nutella bar later in the day), traditional grill items, Boar’s Head sandwiches and even and Indian option. Freshman Anna B. said, “The Indian place (The Tandoori Oven) is pretty good.” The favorite of the market is definitely the pasta bar, Olives. Sophomore Adam stated “Their alfredo pasta is my favorite meal on campus.” The pasta is always piping hot with plenty of sauce. You definitely get your money’s worth here. 

The Food Truck has to be one of Dining Service’s best ideas since Soul Food night. From amazing burgers to personalized mac and cheese, the food truck is must try for every KSU student. Follow them on twitter (@KSUFoodTruck) to see their location for the day. The “Zack Attack” is a secret menu item that will blow your mind. They combine their delicious French fries with shredded chicken, cheese, chives, ketchup and a garlic aioli that really kicks it up a notch. If you haven’t visited the food truck yet, you’re missing out on greatness. 

Chipotle Chicken on Pretzel Bun

If you’ve ever lived in or near Eastway you know that it’s the place to be for breakfast. Their omelets are almost legendary. Sophomore Austin C. claimed, “Chipotle is my life, but Eastway has some nice choices. Their breakfast is really good.” The café’s breakfast options include but are not limited to: omelets, bacon, sausage, breakfast pizza, French toast, biscuits and gravy. There’s nothing quite like a good breakfast the morning after a long night out. Eastway satisfies this craving. Another Eastway favorite is the deli, better known as Boar’s Head. Senior Anthony D. stated, “Anything on ciabatta from Boar’s Head is good. I love how soft the bread is. Indeed the bread is truly an experience. The pretzel bun changes the game when it comes to sandwiches. Also, somehow that gold sticker really seals in all the goodness of the sandwich.

Overall Kent State’s dining options can seem average, but if you do some digging anyone can find a meal that they like. There are over 20 dining locations, so try them all out and find your favorite on-campus food!

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