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Beauty Products that Beat the Heat

Yay! The sun has *finally* made its debut! Everyone has an extra pep in their steps. We all flock outside to hit the trails, dine on patios and catch some poolside rays! With that being said, the transition from cool weather to warm can be difficult when it comes to skincare and makeup. To help you make that leap, I have compiled a few of my favorite summer products. Just like you spring clean your house, add these to your bathroom shelf! Store your heavier winter-time products for next year! 


Elf’s Gentle Peeling Exfoliant 

To prep your skin for warmer weather, its necessary to slough off dead skin . . . I know . . . It sounds gross, but it is oddly satisfying! You can actually see this product work its magic. Wet your hands and skin, apply a pump or two of the cleanser, and work it into your skin in light, circular motions. It leaves your skin silky smooth! I also like that it helps with oily skin which can be a bit more problematic on humid days! I use it twice a week.

 Note: If you have sensitive skin, maybe use it once a week or work your way up to more applications. Don’t overdo it! 


Getting a glow is an added bonus of exposure to the sun; however, do so with protection!!! I am not one for extremes. I am not saying to cover up from head to toe and sit under an umbrella because that might be a little overboard; However, don’t lather yourself up in suntan oil and bask in the sun for hours. Find a middle ground and reapply that sunscreen. You will still get some color, just be patient! Also, you can fake it until you make it with bronzer and self-tanners! 

My favorite sunscreen is Hawaiian Tropic Sport Ultra Light Sunscreen Spray! It smells phenomenal and mists on easily! Even when in Ohio, I feel like I’m on a tropical island while wearing this. 

Physicians Formula Summer Eclipse Bronzing Shimmery Face Powder

This bronzer is aesthetically pleasing with its sunshiny center, affordable and natural! It acts as both a highlighter and bronzer which is why it is my favorite to toss into my makeup bag! I am all for dual purpose products because they save me time, space and money. I pop this one in the hollows of my cheeks and on my cheekbones to sculpt my face. I also like to use it as an eyeshadow! 

SPF Lip Balm 

This is a must because we all forget about our lips! I hate when they get burned! Use Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20 in Sunny Berry because it adds a tiny sheen of color, melts nicely into your lips and protects them! Don’t fall prey to the sun rays. Also, if you don’t like my fave shade, there are five other colors to choose from varying from neutral to more vibrant. I like Sunny Berry because it makes me think of how lips look after eating a red popsicle! 

Mascara that won’t budge! 

Almay One Coat Mega Volume Mascara, Waterproof 

This really will not budge! It looks very natural, I only do one swipe for each eye and I am good to go for the day! The pink accents on the tube are an added bonus and always make me smile every morning! 

Tip: Use a really good remover to take it off! I use Bliss Makeup Melt Cleanser! 

Self Tanner

To get a head start on your summertime glow, give Jergens Natural Glow a try! I love that I can apply it in the shower. It is a lot less work than traditional self-tanners!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer! Eat good tacos and get outside! 




Malorie Newingham is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University. She enjoys biking, hiking, attending concerts, and seeking out yummy new places to eat with friends. She believes traveling is essential because so much of who we are is where we have visited. On campus, you may spot Malorie reading outside of Rockwell Hall or grabbing chai tea with friends. Malorie enjoys writing because she can share her voice with others. As an author for Her Campus, she wants to keep her audience up to date on the latest trends and encourage them to take chances. Malorie hopes to find a job where she has the freedom to roam, hopefully in a Jeep with her black Labrador Bella, and discover local stores, quaint coffee shops, yoga studios, and so much more. She would love to write freelance features for different publications on her experiences. Currently, her favorite websites include Into The Gloss, Byrdie, Outdoor Voices, and The Everygirl.
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