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study abroad spain barcelona palm trees beach summer sunny tropical
study abroad spain barcelona palm trees beach summer sunny tropical
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Beach Essentials for Your Spring Break Getaway

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

Unfortunately, this spring break I will not be heading out on any beach vacations of my own, so please allow me to live vicariously through this post. Though you won’t find me sprawled out on any southern sands this season, I have been on my fair share of beach days before. Therefore, I’m sharing my list of essential items to take with you to my personal favorite place, the beach. 



water in hands
Brodie Vissers at Burst
If you bring nothing else to your beach vacation, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen so you can keep reapplying throughout the day. This will keep your skin happy and healthy, with no angry red burns to ruin your vacation. If you still want to guarantee you’ll leave with that bronzy glow, try a sunscreen with a built-in bronzer. My personal favorite is Australian Gold’s sunscreen spray gel with instant bronzer.  PSA, don’t forget to make sure your lips are getting the same SPF treatment as your skin, as they can burn and blister too. 


Oversized Beach Towel 

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Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made far too many times before by bringing a puny little towel to lay out on. Treat yourself to an oversized fluffy beach towel, so your head or feet won’t be left exposed to the hot sand. 


Water or Other Hydrating Drinks

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Two words, stay hydrated. 


Easy Slip-on Sandals

Kamile Leo
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A pair of colorful flip flops or Birkenstocks are perfect to wear to the beach since they’re easy to slip on and off, whether you’re going for a swim or heading towards the boardwalk for a bite to eat. 



Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash
Listening to music is a key contributor to a relaxing beach day, so don’t forget to pack your headphones and enjoy laying out with your favorite artists. Harry Styles all beach day, every beach day. 


Portable Phone Charger 

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There probably won’t be any outlets popping up from the sand, so it’s always best to have a backup charge in case your phone hits its last life. 


The Lalaaviator Glasses On A Fence
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A big pair of sunglasses are perfect for not only for their obvious practical use but for adding a statement piece to any beach vacation outfit. 



Kendra Kamp
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Capturing the moments of your beach vacation is definitely a task you’ll want to make sure you fulfill. Whether you’re using your phone camera, a Nikon, or even going vintage with polaroids don’t forget to capture the memories.  


Bag to Carry all Your Beach Essentials 

Woman Wearing Grey Skirt And Round Brown Rattan Crossbody
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Finally, you can’t forget a waterproof beach bag in order to carry all the essentials. During vacation season retailers such as Target, Amazon and Walmart will have plenty of reasonably priced ones to choose from.


Amanda Vogt is a sophomore at Kent State University and is from the suburbs of Rochester New York. Her studies include a major in fashion merchandising as well as a minor in creative writing. She has always loved writing and used to spend her days in math and science class coming up with short stories instead of calculating numbers. She is also an avid lover of all things fashion and makeup related and has been interested in the industry ever since she was little. She hopes to live in a big city after college with an unhealthy amount of dogs.
Junior at Kent State, with a mojor in journalism and a minor in fashion media. I like to write about fashion, lifestyle and Harry Styles.