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The Bachelorette: “Let’s Talk About Sex”

The windmill. The pink blazer. The blurred out middle finger. The moments we’ve all been waiting for! Let’s talk about fantasy suites.


The most shocking revelation was that Peter was the highly anticipated windmill fantasy suite date. You know, the one where Hannah claps back at Luke’s slut-shaming comments and tells the camera she “f*cked in a windmill….and we did it a second time.” (We’ll get to that later.)Peter and Hannah have always had emotional and physical chemistry, but they’ve had their fair share of awkward makeout sessions which makes it a bit surprising to know that Peter may or may not be the only one she gets physical with in the overnight date. 

Although I love Peter and his boyish looks, I think he’s a bit too nice for me. I love a good hopeless romantic, but any guy that smiles that much would probably freak me out. Come to think of it, Peter kind of reminds me of Buddy the Elf. Thoughts?


Although editing made it look like Hannah was going to deny Tyler the fantasy suite, she didn’t. Instead, she told Tyler she did not want to spend the night together and have sex—she just wanted to spend the night getting to bond on a more emotional level. Hannah backed her decision by explaining that she already knows the sexual tension and physical chemistry are there, but she needed more time to make sure the emotional connection was even stronger. 

Tyler passed this test with flying colors responding that he just wants to spend time with her and continue to “see that smile” just a little longer. RESPECT—to both of them. Hannah has every right to have sex or not have sex in the over night dates with these men, and her will-power to tell Tyler she didn’t want to go that far shows her strength and maturity. Tyler’s reaction even further proved that he is probably the best man to come from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. 


So here’s my suspicion. I’m pretty sure Jed’s date was filmed after Luke’s date, but producers flip-flopped the two when it came to airing. Not everything is shown in the actual order it took place. With that being said, this would explain why Hannah was at a loss for words when it came to why she had feelings for Luke and why she was so emotional and kept saying how she didn’t want to talk about it. The Luke date definitely changed Hannah’s feelings for not only Luke, but for all three of the other men. Just a prediction!

For those complaining about how Jed is just as bad as Luke (in regards to Jed coming on the show with a girlfriend back home to promote his career), you have to put that aside for a second and think if you were in Jed’s position right now. Luke, a recurring issue and torment in the house, keeps getting roses. Last week, Hannah seemed like her heart was torn between Luke and Jed, basically putting the two men in the same category—which didn’t settle well with Jed. But hey, if that was me on the show and I knew that one of the remaining girls was the absolute worst, I wouldn’t want to be compared to her either. 


Okay, if you’ve made it this far, thanks! Because now we’re getting to the good stuff. 

We all know Luke is not a virgin, but decided to abstain from sex until marriage. Good for him. We all know Hannah is not a virgin, but she is still very religious and faithful. Both mindsets are great, but neither of them are wrong or right, which is where things got rough during the second part of Luke and Hannah’s date. 

After a beautiful day in Santorini, the couple sat down for dinner with Luke almost immediately starting the conversation with “Let’s talk about sex.” Hannah didn’t seem to expect anything that was about to come from Luke’s mouth. Long story short, Luke tells Hannah if she “slipped up” and had sex with any of the other men, then he would want to go home. He continued on saying that sex is a sin and that Hannah “owed” him an explanation and description of what happened with the other guys during the overnight dates. Hannah Beast was quick to react.

My favorite moment all season (even though shirtless Tyler comes at a close second) is when Hannah spent a solid ten minutes b*tching out Luke and sending him home. Hannah couldn’t have been more clear about how disgusted she was by him, and after her telling him to leave multiple times, Luke finally got up and followed Hannah to the shiny limousine waiting to take Luke’s ass back to where he came from. After much denial and a “Can I pray over you?”, Hannah basically forces Luke to get into the car and sends him off with a middle finger. 

Once he left, Hannah went back to their table, grabbed her wine and headed inside. The end. 

What’s next?

We didn’t get a rose ceremony last night, which means we’ll see who Hannah sends home next Monday. The previews show a sad—but strangely confident—Luke show up to the rose ceremony and attempt to beg for Hannah back. No thanks, Luke. 

Next week, we will also get to see the “Men Tell All” episode where it will *once again* be all about Luke. 

Finally, July 29 will be the final episode of this season of The Bachelorette followed by a live episode of Hannah sitting down with the man she chose and the runner up. Did Hannah pick Tyler? Jed? Peter? If she picked Peter or Jed, how does she feel about the secret girlfriend situations? We’ll find out. Stay tuned!

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