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*There are spoilers in the following article. For those who have not watched this week’s two-night finale of The Bachelorette, you may want to hold off on reading this article.*

Night one

The 24-year-old Alabama native narrowed down her remaining men from three to two, sending home Peter Weber and inviting Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron to meet her family. Chris Harrison simultaneously hosted a live studio audience as night one of the two-night finale aired on ABC. After Peter’s elimination, we got to see a sweet, somber Peter sit in front of Chris and re-hash all the feelings he felt for Hannah. It’s been two months since the finale was recorded, meaning that Peter has had time to sort out his feelings and work on getting over Hannah. When asked if he still loved her, Peter explained that love just doesn’t go away and that a piece of his heart will always belong to Hannah.

Although we were still trying to get over Peter, the show progressed forward with Hannah introducing Tyler to her parents first. The entire Brown family was blown away by Tyler’s maturity, sincerity and compassion for Hannah. Who couldn’t love this man? 

Jed met Hannah’s family the next day, and things didn’t go nearly as well as they did for Tyler. The family was concerned about Jed’s lack of employment and career goals. Jed assured them that his biggest accomplishment was signing a contract with a dog food company to write their jingles…charming. 

Is Peter Bachelor material?

If you would have asked me this a month ago, I’d say absolutely. But considering Peter’s ex-girlfriend recently speaking out about him, I’d say his chances went down significantly. Peter has everything production looks for in a Bachelor lead– handsome, fun, smart, successful and passionate, so there really isn’t anything other than rumors that would stop producers from choosing Peter as the next leading man.

At the end of night one, cameras panned to Hannah at the live show in California as she gave viewers an ominous message. Hannah explained that she knew there were a lot of rumors and that she herself has no idea what will happen tomorrow when she confronts both Jed and Tyler at the live show. We were able to see a clip of Hannah sitting down post-show with her head in her hands saying “I don’t know if I want this,” insinuating that she chose Jed and cameras were able to capture the couple’s talk about his ex-girlfriend speaking out about him. So, does this mean she’s not engaged? Is she even with Jed at all? Will she go back to Tyler? (One can only hope.)

Night two

I waited several weeks for this moment. No seriously, the finale is like my Super Bowl. After showing the clip several times of Hannah wiping out in the middle of the street, it was easy to see that her emotions were running high and even she didn’t know what her heart was feeling the day of the engagement.

Tyler was the first to step out of the limo, which is a tell-tale that he would be the one Hannah would send home. Both men had picked out rings prior to the engagement with the obvious intentions of proposing and spending the rest of their lives with Hannah. As Tyler began his proposal, Hannah cut him short to tell him he wasn’t the one she was in love with. *Cue broken hearts all over America.*

Jed, with his guitar in tow, pulled up in his limo next. Hannah obviously accepted this proposal. Although it was supposed to be a cute and loving moment, I sat and laughed my ass off at Jed singing to Hannah before he got down on one knee. If he was a good singer, sure, I’d be feeling all the emotions, but he’s not.

Skip ahead, because we all should know by now of the ex-girlfriend scandal with Jed and how he technically was still dating her all the way through the show. During the live show, we found out that Hannah is no longer with Jed and broke off their engagement shortly after their recorded conversation which also aired last night. Jed seemed to deny, deny, deny until his head was about to explode, but it was obvious that he just isn’t ready to get married. Even if Hannah chose to get past the ex-girlfriend, there were still plenty other obstacles Jed threw her way once engaged. Did anyone else catch how he had a party at his apartment and threw two girls into a pool? NO, thanks.

Once Jed left the stage, Chris Harrison told us that Tyler would be on next to sit down with Hannah. Cameras quickly panned to Hannah who couldn’t help but try to hide her lurking smile. At this moment, Bachelor Nation probably went wild under the assumption that Hannah was about to tell Tyler she royally f*cked up and wanted to try again with him, and so she did!

“You’re an incredible guy…and I’m a single girl! Would you maybe want to get a drink and just hangout?”

The moment we truly were all hoping and waiting for! The only complaint I have is that we didn’t get to hear from Tyler enough. I can only assume that Hannah and Tyler had talked prior to the show and she gave him a heads up about her feelings. Tyler didn’t seem too caught off guard, but he also didn’t seem super smiley while sitting in the hot seat. I think the couple definitely needs time to sort out their feelings and re-start their relationship, and everything in me is rooting for them.

Bachelor predictions

There are a lot of qualified men to take on the role of the franchise’s next Bachelor, so it’s almost impossible to figure out who they will choose. 

Fan favorites from this season include Mike, Tyler, Connor, Peter and John Paul Jones. At this point, JPJ is probably out of the question being that he’s kind of a joke. Connor is also probably out of the picture because he shows up on Bachelor in Paradise and is also way too reserved to become the next Bachelor, which leaves us with Peter, Mike and Tyler.

After last night’s episode, it’s safe to say that Tyler probably isn’t in the running to become the next Bachelor. But, that’s okay. I think Mike would be the smartest choice as the next Bachelor considering he is sincere, funny and an overall gentleman, plus the show has never had a black Bachelor. But then there’s the question of Peter who once again would be a perfect choice. My guess is that Mike will take the crown for next season, because although he shows up on Bachelor in Paradise, that has never stopped production from once again re-casting someone.

Thanks for sticking around this season! Be sure to check back in the fall when The Bachelor is announced.


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