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Bachelor Recap Week 8: How Did Hometowns Go?

Caelynn: Virginia

Despite having the title of “Miss North Carolina,” Caelynn’s hometown is in Virginia. Once Colton arrived, the two went to her favorite ice cream shop and explored the town. 

To be honest, there wasn’t much to this date as ABC made Caelynn’s date the shortest in regards to screen time. Just picture your perfect, cookie-cutter date. Things really couldn’t have gone any better. (Which makes the outcome of this week very confusing.)

The parents:

Caelynn's mom really wasn't apparent for this hometown date, but her stepdad and sister were. Both showed hesitation regarding Colton, mentioning how he may not be on her maturity level. 

After asking for Caelynn's hand in marriage, her dad gave Colton permission under one circumstance: he had to view the marriage as a life-long commitment, and not as some joke. 


Hannah G.: Alabama

Mind your manners, boys and girls, because if you date Hannah G., you can expect a lesson on becoming the perfect southern gentleman. Hannah scheduled a "manners" class for Colton during her hometown date, and it actually wasn't as cringe-worthy as it sounds. 

Colton told Hannah's family how she's always reminded him of home, and that he was very excited to actually see her home and where she grew up. I think this date was very sweet and sincere. Hannah lights up whenever she sees Colton and I can feel the love all the way from my Ohio couch! Hannah has always been one of my favorites, but I honestly only recently started to really love seeing more of her. Every time Hannah is on the screen, she keeps to herself and only focuses on her relationship with Colton.

The parents:

Hannah's mom was a typical protective mama bear. She expressed her concerns about the short length of the show and protecting Hannah's heart, but all in all, she told Hannah to follow her heart and pursue Colton. 

*The awkward silence after Colton asks for permission to marry Hannah*

Hannah's dad actually was stunned by the sweet gesture and gave his blessing "as long as things keep going as they are." Hannah's parents turned out to be total sweethearts and made it evident how much they just want the best for her. 


Tayshia: California

Tayshia and Colton's date was built on trust...or at least that was Tayshia's intention. After previously expressing their mutual hate for heights, Tayshia surprised Colton with a skydiving trip in her hometown. I could literally see the sweat dripping off of Colton's forehead. 

When it was all said and done, I feel like the couple's relationship went to a whole other level. Colton and Tayshia both shared feelings of love with one another after they landed, and went into her family's house feeling on cloud nine. 

Not to brag, but all four of these women have been my favorites from the very start. Although Tayshia wasn't really on my radar until her one-on-one, she was someone who instantly captured my attention with her energy. She's been involved in some drama, and I really don't like the way she tried throwing my girl Caelynn under the bus last week, but I really believe Tayshia is just looking out for Colton with everything she says and does.

The parents:

Something that I often forget about Tayshia is that she's already been married and divorced. Her family thoroughly expressed their concerns about this before the pair entered the home.

Tayshia's mom was such a sweetheart; a mom who truly just wants the best for her daughter and to see her happy, and the same goes for dad despite his harsh comments to Colton. Tayshia's dad made sure to confirm that Colton's feelings of love were sincere. He also asked the pressing question of if Colton was falling in love with the other women. I respect a father who holds his ground in a firm yet sincere way.

“You don't microwave relationships.” Wow. Tayshia's dad wins best quote of the night.

So, did Colton get the blessing? Not entirely. Tayshia's father let Colton down easy by pointing out the obvious -- he just met him. 

Colton was really shocked by the rejection, but why? This show is just a few months long. While it's easy to fall in love in a "Bachelor" setting on the show, the families of these women aren't there. They aren't seeing the two connect and grow, and they are only given a few hours with Colton to decide if he's worthy for their daughter or not. Let's not pretend that reality is thrown out the window for these people. 


Cassie: California

The beach. Swimsuits. Surfing. The most typical California date with the most typical California girl, if I’ve ever seen one! Don’t get me wrong, Cassie has been my number one since the beginning with her butterfly box, but my liking for her seems to decrease after each episode. 

Let me be clear: Cassie is great. She’s cute, fun, bubbly, but she’s lacking depth. When I see Cassie, I see and hear someone my age. Someone NOT looking to get married or engaged. Although a lot of the girls this season were around the age of 23, Cassie seems to show her age more so than the others. 

I’d also like to point out that Cassie has never used the word “love” in regards to Colton and has not once said that she wants to be engaged at the end of the show. In my opinion, Cassie is here to date. She’s here to stay and not to ultimately get engaged.

The parents:

Cassie’s dad is incredibly skeptical from the beginning. I actually don’t think I saw him smile once. But once again, I don’t blame him. His baby girl is on a reality TV show dating the same man as multiple other women. Cassie’s dad’s biggest concern was that Colton was saying the same thing to the other three dads, and asking for each one’s blessing (which he was). 

Cassie’s sister, Michelle, literally told Cassie that she’s perfect and there are hundreds of other guys for her. Is anyone else hearing the very loud sirens going off screaming “SHE’S NOT READY, COLTON.”?

All in all, Cassie’s dad did not give his permission to Colton to marry his daughter.

Bye, Caelynn :-( 

Colton said goodbye to Caelynn, despite their perfect date and her telling him she’s in love with him. I’d love to see Caelynn as the next Bachelorette, I think she has the personality, and she carries herself in a way that shows all she’s been through has just made her stronger.

What do you think?

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