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All the Eyebrow-Raising Moments on Season 19 of “The Bachelor”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

On this season of The Bachelor, the world was introduced to Chris Soules, a humble farmer from Arlington, Iowa. Every Monday at 8 PM viewers have have witnessed some seriously crazy suitors and watched as farmer boy fell in love…with multiple women. As Bachelor fans gear-up for the final Rose Ceremony on March 9, they’ll get some insight and explanation into some of the most eyebrow-raising moments of season 19 during The Bachelor Women Tell All episode on Monday. In the meantime, here is a recap of this season’s most outrageous moments and cast members.

Ashley S. compared the human race to an onion.

Jordan liked to drink more than she liked to talk to Chris.

Ashley I. (aka Kim Kardashian look-alike) was always plotting a takedown.

Britt was sent home in tears, but the other women could not tell if she was crying or laughing. It remains a mystery. 

Jillian’s shorts/dresses/pants never covered her butt.

Jade, who was the frontrunner during most of the season, revealed later on that she had posed nude for playboy. She was then swiftly sent home at the very next Rose Ceremony.

Kelsey had a hard time hiding her insanity…

Chris struggled to communicate with any of the women without saying “um”, “uh” and “awesome!” at least a billion times.

Kaitlyn, the funny, sarcastic, dance instructor, was sent home after a heart breaking final-three Rose Ceremony (but my guess is that ABC will choose this fan favorite as next season’s bachelorette)!

Tune into ABC on March 9 to find out whether Chris gives his final rose to Whitney or Becca!

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