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Affordable Online Shopping

Trying to be stylish on a college budget isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are a decent amount of online sites that offer trendy clothing at affordable prices.


This site offers variety of merchandise that is all under $30. At first this seems like an amazing deal, but after browsing you’ll realize that with the low prices comes low quality. There are some nice pieces but you really have to search for them. If you’re looking for cheap basics or a trendy item for one time wear, ModDeals is for you. 

2020 Ave

2020Ave offers a lot of cool pieces that are all under $50. They have a fantastic shoe selection as well. I have ordered two pairs of shoes from this site and they have lasted a year now, so I can definitely advocate for their quality. Their style is a bit edgier so if you’re looking for cutesy patterns and pretty florals, you might want to avoid this site.

G Stage Love

This site’s product mix reminds me a lot of Forever 21 with about the same price range. One great thing is that they offer a plus size line that is really similar style wise to their main line. They also have a ton of leggings for under $10. And we all know leggings are a staple in any college girl’s wardrobe. 


Agaci is one of my absolute favorite places to shop online. They have such a wide selection of merchandise and I can always find a good deal. Right now, they have a great swimwear collection that I’ve had my eye on. Their jewelry is so cute and fairly priced. Definitely check this one out. 

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Hey, I'm Talor! I am a Sophmore Fashion Merch Major and Marketing Minor at Kent State University. I love traveling, laughter, and perfect weather.
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