9 TikTok POV Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now

There are so many different TikTok video genres out there. Everything from dance trends to photography tricks are fair game to have an entire genre of TikToks dedicated to them. But one of my personal favorite categories is the POV videos. Essentially, POV videos are videos where the creators act like the camera is a person they are talking to, bringing the viewer in as a character in the fictional scene they are acting out. Here are some of my favorite POV TikTok users so you can go binge-watch their content!

  1. idkwhyjas has some amazing and unique POV videos that are creatively filmed!

  2. emeryhoneys is by far one of my favorite TikTokers. The passion she puts into her videos is refreshing!

  3. Audra.johnson specializes in technology and Android-themed POV videos which is so unique on Tiktok!

  4. Bambi.by is another great POV account!

  5. 6. Simpsy

    Simpsy is such a creatively driven TikToker and her videos are always so thoughtful!

  6. Locallygrownwig has some of the most thought-provoking and insightful videos on the app!

  7. Natmarz666 has the aesthetics game locked down on TikTok!

  8. TikTok Rep Image

    jaylinberrios has such an artistic approach to TikToks that anyone should be able to appreciate it!

Whether you have been on TikTok for ages, just got it during quarantine or still haven't made the (well worth it) plunge into downloading it, POV TikToks are definitely some of the most creative and artistic uses of the app. Hopefully, these 9 POV TIkTokers will serve as a diving board into the amazing world of TikTok POVs!