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8 Makeup Products That TikTok Made Me Buy

You can deny it all you want but we are all addicted to TikTok. Over the past year, TikTok has exploded into this new social media platform that everyone uses. TikTok is an app where people can post short videos of themselves, similar to Vine. For the longest time, I would not allow myself to cave in and download the app, however, once I did I was hooked. As I see it, TikTok has just about everything. You name it and there’s a video for it. Thus, for this week I have compiled 8 makeup products that have been all over TikTok.

Makeup Revolution Blur Stick Primer

In all of the TikTok makeup hauls, this product has been in every single one. I was a bit hesitant to buy this product at first because I do not usually use primers on a daily basis, however, from now on I most definitely will. I put this product on before I put on my foundation and it seamlessly blurs my large pores. If you are on a budget I definitely recommend this product as a dupe for the Milk Makeup Blur Stick Primer.

Elf Lip Exfoliator

When I first saw this I immediately wanted to try it. For some odd reason, the thought of taking dry skin off your lips intrigued me. The exfoliator is infused with shea butter and other oils which leave your lips feeling moisturized and plump. I will say this product left my lips feeling softer than they have ever been.

The Ordinary Peeling Solution

If you have TikTok, then you most definitely have seen this! When I first tried this product I was most certainly scared due to the deep red color. It looked almost as if someone peeled my skin off, but don’t let that scare you.  This product leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and gets rid of any texture on your face.

Clinique iD

If you’re looking for an all-natural makeup look then this is the perfect product for you. This is a BB-gel, meaning that it will moisturize your skin as well as even out your skin tone. When I first bought this product I was skeptical because there were no shades so how could it possibly fit everyone’s skin tone? Let me tell you– this stuff works. I recommend applying this product with a brush instead of your hands because otherwise, the product will match the skin tone of your hands and not your face.  

Elf Poreless Putty Primer

Up next we have another primer. This primer retails for only $8 and is cheaper than the Makeup Revolution Blur Stick I mentioned earlier. For me, I find this primer works the best as an eyeshadow primer. However, I am pretty sure that is not what it is meant for LOL. Overall, I would say this works as a daily basic primer.

Elf Camo Concealer

Let me start off by saying everyone NEEDS this product. This product has been all over TikTok and it is said to be a dupe for the well-known Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I love this concealer because of how pigmented it is and how lightweight it feels. Also, this concealer is only $6 compared to Tarte’s $27 concealer. This is a steal!

Maybelline Cheek Heat

If you love the Glossier Cheek Paint then you gotta try this product! This is the perfect dupe. I tried the shade “Nude Burn” and I am obsessed. To apply this product I simply use my fingers and pat it into the apples of my cheeks. It blends effortlessly! I will definitely be going back to get more shades.

Ulta’s Juice Infused Lip Gloss

When I first saw these on TikTok, my mind instantly thought of middle school. Back in my middle school days, I think I had every single LipSmacker flavor of lip gloss. From watermelon to cotton candy, you said it and I had it. This lip gloss is also transparent, so choose whichever flavor sounds the best for you! If you decide to try this lip gloss I recommend the Cranberry+Pomegranate.

If you are looking for new makeup products to try, hopefully this helped!

Livi Harmat

Kent State '23

Livi is a junior studying Fashion Merchandsing at Kent State University. In her free time, Livi can be found taking photos, reading, and going to trendy (but yummy) restaurants
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