8 Awkward Moments Only Girls Will Understand

We've all experienced awkward moments, times when we wished we could turn back the clock and avoid that encounter at the mall or walking to class. These moments are inevitable and the only way to surpass the intended awkwardness is to embrace it!

1.) When your friend's mom starts yelling at her in front of you

We have all been in this uncomfortable situation. It's easy to sit there and giggle to yourself as your friend is getting b*tched at by her mom, but as the tension rises, it's not so funny anymore. Pretty soon, the giggles subside and you find yourself on the edge of your seat watching these two go back and forth right in front of you. At this point, it's too late to excuse yourself to "go to the bathroom" and you just have to sit and uncomfortabley watch as the tension goes away.

2.) When you realize you are singing to yourself in public

There's always that one song that everytime you listen to it, you just can't help but sing along. Most of the time, you don't realize that you are doing this until the people walking past you begin to give you strange looks. 


3.) The awkward wave

*Casually going about your day ~ sees person waving at you ~ waves back like a maniac ~ person starts walking towards you ~ Oh, wait... person continues to walk past you to the person they were ACTUALLY waving to* Brush it off girl, brush it off.


4.) When you look like a slob and run into literally everyone you know

Sometimes, you just have to make that quick stop into Target in your pj's. You always think to yourself, "Oh please, I'm not going to see anyone I know! I'll be in there for five minutes then back to bed." This statement is always so wrong. It is times like these where you look like you just rolled out of bed when you run into an old teacher, an ex, your best friend's mom, your neighbor down the street-- basically everyone and anyone. You just have to act like nothing is wrong, say a quick hello, then go hide in the chip aisle. 


5.) Meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time


Okay, this one can either go very well or very bad. At some point, you must face the inevitable and meet your guy's parents. Usually this event involves not knowing how to look, how to introduce yourself, what to refer to them as, etc. Meeting parents for the first time can be super intimidating, but you just have to go with the flow and be yourself (and try not to swear around them).


6.) When you sing the wrong words to a song

This moment is always the best when you are with your whole group of friends and EVERYONE sings the correct words as you continue to sing the wrong ones. Even though you could have sworn that those were the right words, you're probably in the wrong. 


7.) Introducing your childhood friends to your college friends

No matter how friendly your friends try to seem, deep down you know they are analyzing every aspect of each other. You spend every day with these people but this awkward introduction has you fumbling for the right words. At times like these, you just have to go cross your fingers, act natural and pray that they all like each other.  


8.) When you show up over/under dressed to a party


Sometimes, it is so hard to decipher the proper attire to wear to a party. Ripped jeans? Leggings? Skirt? Unfortunately, there is nothing left to do except to just wing-it. Oh so what! You showed up to a dressy party in jeans and a comfy tee. No one will remember this night, right? Right...?