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7 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and if you are like me, you usually wait until last minute and then get stuck buying flowers and giving a gift card. BUT, this year we are going to do better, ladies. Start thinking ahead and stop begging your mom for ideas. We got this. Here are a few simple but unique ideas to get you started. Happy shopping!

Birthday Candle

I absolutely love these candles. I got one for Christmas and it smells amazing! Also you might be able to get some brownie points for proving you know when your mom's birthday is! These candles give details about your personality based on your astrology sign that, in my experience, are fairly accurate. Also, just a warning, it DOES list some weaknesses so if your mom is quick to get offended maybe go with something else.

Personalized Rings

My mom actually bought these for herself a couple years ago and I think they would make a great present idea! They are simple, subtle and overall just really adorable! Check out some great options here.

Spa Day Gift Box

Moms have such a hard time treating themselves. Maybe this spa day box will give her a push in the right direction. The best part is, it comes all packaged up together and cute so you do not have to worry about buying each individual item and then wrapping it. Win-win in my book!

Photo Book

Tired of your mom pulling out that 20 year old scrapbook with your baby photos in it? Well make her an updated version using photo books. They are the new trendy way to scrapbook! Just upload your (favorite and totally not embarrassing) photos to the sight and arrange them as you please. She will be sure to forget all about those cringy middle school photos at least for a little while. 


Muscle Massager

I do not know if anyone else’s mom does this but my mom and I constantly beg each other for massages. Now, with me being away at school, I can only imagine that role has been passed down to my sister. This muscle massager makes it so that she can massage herself and MAYBE ask you to hold it on her back but let’s be honest, it is the least we could do. 

Personalized Cutting Board

This is the perfect combination of practical and decorative. If you wanted to get really crazy, you could even buy a stand for it to sit on in the kitchen. Either way, it is a sentimental piece and is certain to get compliments however you decide to use it. 

Smartphone Vase

This item is so unique and simple! The vase not only holds those flowers you plan on getting her, but also serves as a charging doc for her phone. Now, I thought the cutting board was practical but come on…she needs this. 

No matter what you end up getting you mother or motherly figure in your life on Mother’s Day, she is sure to love it just because its from you. At least, I think that is how it works? Anyways, mark you calendars now and plan ahead because Mother’s Day is MAY 9!!

Cassidy Gladieux

Kent State '23

Cassidy is a junior journalism student at Kent State minoring in creative writing. This is her third year writing for Her Campus and first year as a senior editor. Cassidy is also a features writer for KentWired. In her free time, she loves to read, go on runs, and cuddle with her dog. In the future, Cassidy hopes to write for a digital magazine and travel around the world!
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