7 Affordable On-Trend Pieces to Buy from Target Right Now

Confession time: I love Target, like, really love Target. It’s my go-to one stop shop any time I’m out of makeup, toiletries, snacks. or if I just want to hit refresh on my apartment decor. I’ll even go if I don’t need anything, just out of boredom! For me, there is rarely ever not a reason for a Target run. Within the last year or two though, Target has become one of my go-to’s for fashion as well. With a seemingly ever-changing selection of on-trend pieces at prices that cannot be beat, it’s hard to resist the allure of their clothing section. Due to this, I decided to take you with me to find some of the latest cheap thrills at Target.

  1. 1. Cropped Puffer Jacket

    The first thing that caught my eye was this cropped puffer jacket. I have been loving the cropped puffer trend and thought this metallic version was such a fun take. Not sure if I’m serving high fashion vibes or chipotle burrito vibes, but either way, I’m a fan! If the metallic look is a little too out there for you, no worries! There are plenty of non-metallic colors to choose from in this style like red, green or black. The best part is that for only $30, who says you have to pick just one?

  2. 2. Turtleneck with Overall Dress

    Now for a combo look: I fell in love with this corduroy overall style dress as soon as I saw it! The teal is so unique for fall and the style is just too cute. To layer underneath, I chose this seafoam green turtleneck. I love how the colors are similar and give a monochromatic look without clashing. Can you believe this outfit is only $40? Just $28 for the dress and $12 for the turtleneck!

  3. 3. Graphic Tee

    Pro tip: Target has the BEST graphic tees. As soon as I saw this Van Gogh inspired crop, I knew it had to be mine. I love the faded, acid wash-like effect on the tee and the contrast of a yellow graphic against the gray. I also appreciate the raw hem because it looks like one of the graphic tees I’ve cut off myself, but without the work. Not to mention it is SO soft; very, very soft. I’m impressed with the attention to detail for a tee coming in at just under $13. This will be the perfect complement to my favorite worn-in boyfriend jeans.

  4. 4. Sweatshirt Dress

    When it comes to good graphics, Target doesn’t stop at tees. I was so excited to see this sweatshirt dress with a simple “MALIBU” graphic across the chest. I personally love a good sweatshirt dress; it really doesn’t get any comfier. While Target currently has several styles to choose from, this was my favorite as the graphic gives it a bit more visual interest than the other solid versions they offer. Plus it's a perfect length even if you are tall. I’m 5’8” and this hit at a comfortable length, unlike many other sweatshirt and t-shirt style dresses. This $22 buy is a must!

  5. 5. Slip Dress

    From sweatshirt dresses to slip dresses, Target has it all. Target probably isn’t the first store on your radar when looking for the perfect slip dress, but I bought a leopard print version of this same style back in August and let me tell you: it is bomb! It's so flattering and so comfortable that I’m seriously considering purchasing this tie-dyed version as well, especially since it’s only $28. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how this tie-dye look has been winterized? Tie-dye was the trend of the summer, but these deeper green and navy colors are perfect for winter. I can imagine this dress looking cool layered under a chunky sweater and finished off with a bootie!

  6. 6. Sherpa Pullover

    Needing something seriously cozy? Look no further. This sherpa pullover is quite possibly the softest, warmest thing I have ever worn. Just imagine waking up on a cold winter morning, dreading leaving the warmth and comfort of your bed only to remember you have this pullover. It's the perfect solution for those days when you simply aren’t feeling it, but still want to look presentable. Bonus: camo is having a moment right now so not only will you be cozy, but you’ll be on-trend as well (for only $28).

  7. 7. Button Front Cardigan

    For something equally as cozy but a little more pulled together, this cardigan is a great choice! Wearing button-up cardigans as tops has been trending for a while now, as have animal prints, and this cardigan combines the two. For $22, this is a perfect update to anyone’s winter wardrobe. Wear it to class with high rise jeans and your favorite ankle booties or dress it up with a mini skirt, tights and tall boots. For another take, try wearing it unbuttoned over a simple tee. The options with this baby are endless!

Hopefully, you're on your way to Target right now to scoop up these and even more trendy, affordable styles. Who knows what new pieces they'll have by the time you're reading this!