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6 Natural Skincare Products to Simplify Your Beauty Routine (AND They Don’t Break the Bank!)

Us college girls know what it means to hustle. We juggle an array of activities into only 24 hours; therefore, a simple beauty routine can be heaven sent and help us get out the door fast.

Personally, the last thing I want to do in the morning is put on a full face. Do whatever makes you feel best; however, it’s always nice to have a five-minute procedure for those days you hit snooze too many times. To master a quick yet fresh-faced look, I put skin first. If your face glows, you may find you only need a swipe of mascara, a touch of tinted lip balm or absolutely nothing at all!

What follows are my six must-have natural skincare products. They are all easily accessible and pretty affordable! I often can find them at a health food store. The reason I choose natural is that I think skincare mirrors eating habits. We try to eat clean, look on labels for five ingredients (if not less) and only cheat here and there. With skincare, I look for products that have the least ingredients. They also must be recognizable. It gives me a peace of mind.

Preparation Products

1. Indian Healing Clay

I use this mask once a week since it gives my pores a deep clean. I mix equal parts of the clay and water into a bowl. Then, I apply a medium-thick layer to my face for 5 to 10 minutes. My skin is sensitive which is why I leave the mask on for less time; however, my sister uses it for the full 20 minutes because her skin can handle it. You will feel tightening which can be alarming the first time, but it is normal!

  • Side Note: You can substitute apple cider vinegar for water! Just make sure you use equal parts clay and vinegar.

2. Coconut Oil

I always purchase organic, unrefined, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. My favorite brand is Nutiva. When my skin is feeling dry, I slather it on! The heat helps it soak right in. I also use coconut oil as a hair mask for 30 minutes once a week before I shower. Then, I rinse it out! If you can’t get your hands on coconut oil, olive oil is a good alternative for both skin and hair.

After Cleansing

3. Witch Hazel

I absolutely adore witch hazel. Just do a patch test first! Most people can use it without an issue, but some experience irritation. My favorite is the buzzed-about brand Thayers. I use their aloe vera formula in Lavender. It smells nice and light. It is also super gentle on skin which is nice because traditional toners sometimes sting. Just pour some onto a cotton ball and dab it on.

  • Side Note: If you can’t find Thayers, Dickinson’s Witch Hazel also works well. Its scent is a little more powerful, but not in a bad way. It reminds me of dandelions or springtime dew.​​

4. Argan Oil

You can use this multi-purpose oil for just about any ailment! It works for split ends, rough cuticles and on a range of skin types. I like to mix a drop or two into my daily moisturizer.  

All Day Long

5. Rosewater

I can’t get enough of this product! I am a sucker for anything rose-scented. I spritz it on all the time as a facial mist or perfume. You will always find one stashed away in my backpack or purse. It is super refreshing and wakes me back up when I get that 2:30 p.m. feeling. It also keeps my skin from looking dull!


6. Jojoba Oil

Most makeup removers burn my eyes. This oil doesn’t! I apply a small drop to clean fingers and rub away eye makeup, or I apply a couple drops to a cotton ball. Since it is gentle, I never stray away. I keep one bottle on my nightstand for evenings I am super sleepy and one right next to my sink. Jojoba oil is also awesome for dry skin or as a leave-in conditioner for your hair. 

I hope you implement some of these products into your routine!

Malorie Newingham is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University. She enjoys biking, hiking, attending concerts, and seeking out yummy new places to eat with friends. She believes traveling is essential because so much of who we are is where we have visited. On campus, you may spot Malorie reading outside of Rockwell Hall or grabbing chai tea with friends. Malorie enjoys writing because she can share her voice with others. As an author for Her Campus, she wants to keep her audience up to date on the latest trends and encourage them to take chances. Malorie hopes to find a job where she has the freedom to roam, hopefully in a Jeep with her black Labrador Bella, and discover local stores, quaint coffee shops, yoga studios, and so much more. She would love to write freelance features for different publications on her experiences. Currently, her favorite websites include Into The Gloss, Byrdie, Outdoor Voices, and The Everygirl.
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