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Ever since Olivia Rodrigo dropped “GUTS” a few weeks ago, many people are still listening to their favorite songs like “get him back!” on repeat. While some may be content with listening to these songs on repeat, many may be eager to give other artists that sound similar a listen. Here are a few artists, ranked in no particular order, that sound similar to Rodrigo that are also not as well known.

  • Mad Thai

Mad Tsai is a pop singer known for some of his songs like “boy bi” and “killer queen.” Both him and Rodrigo’s songs have a pop sound and at times packed with an emotional punch. Those who are fans of “get him back!” will definitely enjoy Tsai’s “killer queen.” Interesting fact about Tsai is that when he announced that he was coming out with a song titled “all-american bitch*” many thought his lyrics, which are featured in the TikTok below, were Rodrigo’s leaked lyrics when they were not.

  • Daisy Grenade

Speaking of “all-american bitch,” for those who prefer Rodrigo’s more angsty punk rock side, then they might want to give Daisy Grenade a listen. Daisy Grenade is a female fronted punk band that echoes Rodrigo’s angst in their songs like “Are You Scared of Me Yet?,” “Cult Classic” and “Baby Blackout.” Fun fact, Daisy Grenade also has a song titled “Guts”; however, this song possesses a more angsty sound than Rodrigo’s songs normally do, which makes it difficult to compare the two.

  • Zoe Ko

While at times, pop rock singer Zoe Ko does echo Rodrigo’s angsty side in songs like “Lovesick in Public,” “Bored” and her newest release “Baby Teeth,” Ko also does a good job at emotional ballads. A few of her ballad-like songs include “Fire Escape” and “Rib Cage.”


Replying to @imthereasonicry leaking more of Lovesick in Public!!!! ❤️ here’s the next 2 lines :) #leaked

♬ original sound – Zoe Ko
  • Dream Wife

For those who are still screaming “bad idea right?” at the top of their lungs then they may want to learn the lyrics to Dream Wife’s “Hot (Don’t Date A Musician)”. “Hot (Don’t Date A Musician)” features a few of the same elements of “bad idea right?”, such as the repetition of the title phrase and the spoken singing of such. Dream Wife is an English punk rock band that mixes other genres to their music. Fun fact for Mona Award fans, the author does follow Dream Wife on Instagram.


Still listening to “love is embarrassing,” well then you may want to listen to a few of EASHA’s songs that are known for how dreamy they sound. “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” is reminiscent of “deja vu” and her soon-to-be released “Undercover Lover” sounds similar to “pretty isn’t pretty” but with more romantic lyrics.

  • Lyn Lapid

Another artist that sounds similar to Rodrigo’s dreamy lyrics and emotional ballads would be Lyn Lapid. Lapid’s, “the alternative”, possesses the same beat as Rodrigo’s “happier”; however, “the alternative” has more dreamy, romantic lyrics. Lapid’s “tilti21c” also sounds similar to Rodrigo’s “teenage dream” as both songs have a melancholy sound and lyrics that focus on how difficult it can be at times to be young.

Now there is no reason to constantly listen to “GUTS” on repeat as there are plenty of other lesser known artists and songs of theirs to listen that have the same feel and sound as “GUTS.”

Adriana Gasiewski

Kent State '26

Adriana Gasiewski is sophomore Journalism major with a minors in Italian and English. Besides being the Philanthropy and Community Events Coordinator and on the editorial team for Her Campus, she is also a cultural and diversity beat reporter for KentWired. Some of her favorite things to do besides writing include reading, drawing and listening to music.