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5 ways to make a long distance relationship a little easier

Being in a long distance relationship is no cup of tea. To be honest, it is currently one of the hardest things I’m going through. Being in a relationship is much more than just being boyfriend and girlfriend (or girlfriend & girlfriend). Your significant other is much more than just your best friend. My boyfriend means everything. I turn to him for every trouble I have, I share every piece of gossip I have with him, I call him at least three times a day complaining about something and he always manages to keep me going whenever I feel too overwhelmed. I definitely do not get to see him nearly as much as I would like, but there are ways to make up for the distance. A long distance relationship is certainly not easy, but most definitely worth it. So I will share with you five ways to make it a little bit easier.


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1. Facetime, skype or just phone call!

Texting is fun and all but if you really try to set aside a time at the end of the day to talk on the phone or video chat, it helps a lot. There is just something about hearing their voice that makes them feel closer to you. Have daily phone calls to talk about each other’s’ day.


2. Make a countdown of when you’ll see them again.

Making a countdown of how much time you left until you see them again make the days apart go faster. As the number gets smaller, it will make you more excited and continue to give you something to look forward to. You can do this through apps or make a homemade one with sticky notes! Even the littlest things can make the biggest difference.


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3. Send little gifts.

Send your SO little gifts that they won’t expect. You could simply order them something online and have it mailed to their address. This is a great way to show them that you’re always thinking about them and it’ll be really nice for them to get a surprise from you.

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4. Make bucket lists together.

I LOVE making bucket lists. By making a summer or winter break bucket list with your SO, it will help shine a light in the tunnel. You guys can plan out so many things you can do together when you spend time together. It will help give you something to look forward to.

(Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters)


5. Simply enjoy your alone time.

Being away from your SO doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. You can focus on yourself; finally read that book you’ve been looking at or binge watch that TV show. You can also have more time for your friends. Being away from your SO is hard, but you shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying things without them.

Remember, the best things in life are worth waiting for. Patience, trust and love are the three keys for a long distance relationship.

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