5 Stories that are Totally Useable when you don't want to Admit you Met your Boyfriend on Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating/hookup apps of the decade, especially amongst college students. Almost everyone I know uses Tinder, including myself. While there are many horror stories about catfishing and matching with "creepers," there are those rare few that find their soul mates through the app. Now, if you have a mother like mine who disapproves of meeting strangers online, then you can’t very well admit to meeting your boyfriend on Tinder. Here are some scenarios used in some of our favorite movies that you can use instead of admitting the truth on how you guys really met:

1. He saved my life!

If it happened to Jennifer Lopez, it can happen to anyone.

The heel of my stiletto got caught in one of the grates in the middle of the street. As I struggled to get it loose, I noticeD a dumpster haD broken free and was headed (at top speed) directly at me! My hero swooped in and drug me out of the street, saving my life (unfortunately, not my stilettos) and we have been inseparable ever since.

2. He asked for my help!

If this story doesn’t convince everyone, I don’t know what will. Say this:

He approached me one night asking if I’d help him cross the border for money. I was initially his fake wife, and we had two gorgeous, fake teenagers. After spending so much time in an RV together and experiencing things that no other family would, we decided to keep our little fake family together and have been happy ever since.

3. I unfroze his heart!

For optimal believability, only use this scenario if you live in a cold climate (duh).

We met when I was on a mission to find my sister who had run away after destroying part of our town with her freezing powers. He provided a helping hand and transportation. It was one of those situations where he was stubborn and cocky, but I couldn't help but fall for him anyway. We found my sister and she promoted him to the town’s official ice master so that we can be close to one another. Don’t tell, but I bought him a new sled this year for Christmas. Shhh!

4. It was summer lovin’!

Who said summer flings can't last?

He and I met on that one vacation we went on overseas. Turns out, he also attends the new high school I enrolled in when we moved to the United States. What are the odds! We ran into some issues when he decided that impressing his friends was more important than making me happy, but we have worked through those issues and are now beginning our lives together after high school.

5. I was his roommate/best friend!

Sure things were a little weird for a minute...but it's fine. Really. 

We met when we were roommates in high school. I was undercover posing as my brother so that I could prove that girls can play alongside boys in soccer. We became very close as he helped me out with soccer and I attempted to hook him up with the most popular girl in school. Things blew up when I had to reveal my true identity and we ended up not speaking for a while. Things worked out in the end when I apologized with my favorite kind of cheese. He escorted me at my debutante ball and we are now in love and play alongside each other for our school’s soccer team.

Surely there are other stories you can fabricate: a mutual friend introduced us, he asked me to dance at a party, he bought me a drink, we met at work, etc. In my opinion, movie "meet cutes" and scenarios are much more believable and fun to tell, and your friends and family are sure to get a kick out of it. So, at Thanksgiving, when you’re bombarded by questions on who the new man in your life is, use one of the previous movie scenarios and you’re sure to be the star of great dinner conversation. If they accuse you of ripping off the plot of their favorite rom-com, deny, deny, deny. They're probably just jealous of your cinematic love story anyway.