5 Reasons You Should Binge Love Island Australia Right Now

Get excited, because Love Island Australia just made its debut on Hulu! All the contestants have accents, and if that isn't a good enough excuse to watch it, here are five more reasons to try and convince you.

  1. 1. It's the easiest dating show to follow, like ever

    The only goal of the show is for the contestants to be coupled up by the end of the week. That's it. Plus, you don't need to worry about your favorites going home in a rose ceremony (eye roll).

  2. 2. The challenges are hilarious

    Each week contestants participate in hilarious challenges such as giant spin the bottle and “slide into the DMs” slip-in-slide style. Love Island is not shy, so you get to see all the contestants (and all the drama) up close and personal.

  3. 3. Did I mention the villa? 

    The Villa is your IRL dream home. Enough said.

  4. 4. There are cats!

    The famous words of one of the contestants, Natasha: "Maybe I'll just date one of the villa cats." Seriously though, they are great, and they are everywhere.

  5. 5. THE BOYS 

    The cast is made up of all of your dream men. Did I mention some of the contestants are teachers, professional models and rugby players?

Australian accents, a dream home and hot contestants make the perfect recipe for your new favorite dating show. You're welcome, happy bingeing!