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5 Podcasts Everyone Should Listen To

If you are sick of listening to the same music over and over again, you may want to enter the wonderful world of podcasts! There are podcasts about basically anything and everything you could be interested in. True crime, beauty, health and wellness and so many more types of podcasts are available for free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Here are my five favorite podcasts that are always on rotation!

Good For You

Hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings and Co-hosted by Benton Ray, this podcast is perfect when you want something funny and lighthearted to listen to. The two hosts do weekly interviews with celebrities, friends, comics, experts and anyone in between. There is never a dull moment when listening to this podcast.

Sex With Emily

This sex podcast hosted by Dr. Emily Morse is full of educational content that will completely change the way you think about sex and relationships. Every week, she sets an intention for the episode and answers calls from listeners who need her advice. As an expert in human sexuality, Dr. Emily is an amazing person to get advice from about all things sex, sexuality and relationships. 


If you are as much of a true crime junkie as I am, you need “Morbid” in your life. This true crime podcast is hosted by Ash and Alaina who research crime and talk about it on their show. They do well-known cases as well as lesser-known cases. They also do “Listener Tales” where listeners can send real life scary stories that they read on the show. This podcast is perfect if you are looking to get spooked!

Schnitt Talk

Although this podcast is no longer releasing episodes, it is still one of my all-time favorites. This podcast was hosted by Ellie Schnitt and Alanna Vizzoni, who keep it real when it comes to life during and after college. These two feel like your big sister when they talk to you and always give the best advice. And if you are ever going through a low moment, they are there to reassure you that you are not alone!


This podcast is perfect for those of us who are trying to become the best version of ourselves that we can. Hosted by Mimi Bouchard, her podcasts are super supportive and motivational. She discusses spirituality, relationships, body image and general health and wellness. If you are looking for something to motivate you, this is the podcast for you! 

There are plenty of podcasts out there that align with your interests no matter what they are! Explore what is out there and happy listening!

Talia Gogel

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Hi! My name is Talia Gogel and I'm a sophomore fashion merchandising at Kent State! I love shopping, cooking, bunnies, astrology, and reading! I’m involved in the Fashion Student Organization, a member of Tri Sigma Sorority, and HerCampus!
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